3 Essential Keys in Every Testimonial

This series of articles are focused on how to become known as an expert. Today we will focus on how to get clients testimonial and referrals.

Do you know it is 5 times harder to get new clients than to get current clients to buy from you? Once you understand this, you will never take your current clients for granted and on top of it, you will find more ways to sell more services to them and earn referrals from them.

First of all why get testimonials?

The number one reason somebody will do business with you is going to be based on their perception of the results you have created for other people just like them.

The more believable these results are and the more they can relate to the people who are giving these testimonials, the easier it gets for you to acquire clients just like them.

Here is an example. I provide hiring assessments to realtors and loan officers all over the country based on my book “Stop Hiring Losers”. I was referred by my friend who coaches top realtors and mortgage brokers. Once a few used my services and told others, I started getting more and more referrals. Why? If a realtor or loan officer – just like me – is already using my services, then it makes sense for another realtor or loan officer to use it too.

Testimonials: Here are two key qualities that every testimonial must have:

  1. The testimonial must be specific
  2. It should enhance a benefit and/or answer an objection
  3. Provide some insight to what the system was so people can feel comfortable that there is a proven process behind it

Here is an example from one of my clients, Lance Haas of Inkwell Embroidery.

“By applying just one idea from a complimentary session from Minesh, I was able to earn $20,000 in the next two months. He taught me simple strategies on how to focus on my target market and dominate it by being an exclusive provider. This strategy suddenly jumped my visibility and I became the preferred provider of Embroidery products. All this from just a free 30 minute talk! Take advantage of Minesh’s coaching sessions.”

What does this testimonial show?

  1. Specific result of $20,000 revenue in only two months
  2. The objection it overcomes is price because the session is free.
  3. Lance talks of the “how” as well. By telling that I helped him focus on a target market and taught him how to be an exclusive provider, the reader/prospect feels that there is a proven system here not just woo-woo stuff.

As you can see, getting testimonials is not just as simple as asking somebody to draft glowing words about your or your service. It needs to follow a system.

Source by Minesh Baxi