5 Reasons Satellite TV is Better Than Cable TV


These days many people are looking for ways to save money. The cost for gas, food, energy, and many other necessities is on the rise. Cable TV prices are rising too. There has never been a better time to take a look at Satellite TV and what it has to offer. Here are 7 reasons Satellite TV is better than Cable TV.

1. Cost – Satellite TV costs less than Cable for similar packages. Satellite also has less junk fees. Many Cable companies even charge you monthly for the remote control for your cable box. Cable prices vary from place to place, but you can often save $20 or more a month by switching to satellite, and you can often get more channels and better equipment at the lower price.

2. – Picture Quality – While cable companies are in the process of upgrading their lines, with Satellite, you get a first generation all digital signal beamed directly to your home. There is little or no signal degradation as there is when a signal travels through miles and miles of cable. The cable companies want you to think that Satellite signals degrade whenever the weather is poor. But this is extremely rare. Cable signals go out more often than satellite.

3. Programming – Satellite TV offers more programming choices than Cable TV. You can get sports networks targeted for other regions of the United States. Many Cable companies do not carry networks like Big Ten Network and NFL Network. Most satellite subscribers are surprised by the number of channels they can get on satellite that were not available from their cable company.

4. Customer Service – The satellite companies in the United States rank far ahead of the cable companies in terms of customer service. There are fewer problems with satellite and they are resolved more quickly than problems with cable are.

5. Equipment – Again this can vary depending on the cable company in your area, but in general the equipment for such things as DVRs and HD viewing is much better with satellite and costs less. For example Dish Network offers DVRs that serve 2 televisions with hundreds of hours of recording capability, compared to most cable boxes that can only serve 1 TV with very limited space to save past recordings.

So, is there a downside to Satellite TV? The contract. Most cable companies allow you to cancel at any time without a cancellation charge. With satellite, you are generally required to sign a 2 year contract with a charge should you desire to cancel before then. Satellite companies will move the service with you when you move, but they will charge you if you cancel the service within the first 2 years. But very few people cancel, because they are much happier with satellite than they were with cable.

Satellite TV is better than Cable TV because it offers more programming, with a better signal and better equipment, at a much lower cost than Cable TV. The customer service is also far superior.


Source by Dan Kohlmeier