Alpha Male Qualities Women Love

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt attraction for them? You can’t explain it, but you just want to be around this person and spend time with them…”

Most people spend their lives seeking ways to validate themselves and to fulfil this desire of being liked. Once you disregard this need, the quality of your life will skyrocket and you will become a much happier, more centred person.

Members of your family and your friends will be far happier in your company, and you will have a greater influence on them and allow them to feel better about themselves and to do better at the important things in their lives.

In a personal situation, you are likely to gain trust and create loyal friendships. You will learn to express yourself better and by putting your personality on the line, you are building core confidence in yourself to carry you through your life. If you develop the following traits in yourself, then your success with women will hit a whole new level.

A true alpha male is somebody who likes and accepts themselves unconditionally and so naturally has very high self esteem. When you display your alpha traits, people look up to you and respect and admire you.

Most people spend their lives seeking ways to validate themselves and to fulfil this desire of being liked. Once you disregard this need, the quality of your life will skyrocket and you will become a much happier, more centred person.

  • Charisma – This can be defined as a personal attractiveness orinterestingness that enables you to influence others.
  • Enthusiasm – An alpha male is enthusiastic about life. When you areenthusiastic and excited about what you are doing, when you are totally committed to achieving something worthwhile, you radiate positive energy and people are drawn to you.
  • Confidence – If there is one quality that every Alpha Male has in common its sheer, absolute, unflappable, masculine Confidence.
  • Sense of Purpose – Alpha Males have clear goals and visions and know exactly where they are going in life. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.
  • Sense of Humour – One supreme pleasure that spans all people is laughter. Ask any woman what qualities she looks for in a guy and at the top of the list will be a sense of humour.
  • Generosity – To put it simply, if you really want to be an Alpha Male, you’ve got to give. You’ve got to give people pleasure, make people feel good, give people a reason to be near you, give guys a reason to wish they were you, give women a desire to have you, you’ve got to give and give and give.
  • Self-reliant– Self-reliance is a trait that every alpha male possesses. Aself-reliant person is one who is more active, independent, creative,competent and spontaneous.
  • Honesty – This is another important alpha quality. Honesty is a vital linkin the ecosystem of life, on which everything either directly or indirectly depends.
  • Unreactive – This is one of the key alpha elements. Being unreactive is all about setting your own standards, instead of trying to match up to other people’s standards all the time. When you are trying to match up to other peoples ideals, you are living in reaction.
  • Self-discipline – To achieve success in any area, one needs to have will power and self discipline. It absolutely must be developed in order to succeed.
  • Ability to Achieve Results – To put it simply, an alpha male is a high achiever. What results have you achieved so far in your life?
  • Appearance – An alpha male always strives to look his personal best.
    There’s nothing unmanly about wanting to look good. Grooming not only improves your confidence, but of course your looks as well.

On your journey to become an alpha male, not only do you need to know the alpha male characteristics you should display, but more importantly, the negative traits you should avoid.

  • Leering at her – An alpha guy is absorbed in his own whole and does not need external validation. An attractive woman knows that guys are checking her out everywhere she goes. Cut it out now
  • Complaining – People who complain trap themselves in a reality that constantly gives them more to complain about. Life keeps getting tougher on them. Cut it out now.
  • Approval Seeking – Do you approve of yourself or do you seek the approval of others? Approval-seeking behaviour implies going along with what you think others expect out of fear that they won’t like you.
  • Trying to Dominate – An alpha male leads but never dominates most successful people in the world are smart enough to know they need to surround themselves with clever people.

Develop your power of leading. Leadership is one of the characteristics of a high status male. Leadership is vital in moving the relationship in new directions, increasing its depth and dimension.

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Source by Stephan Nolan