Alphaderma Skin Care Safer Than Botox

As women age, they experience a decrease in skin elasticity which produces sagging, wrinkles and age spots. Botox and other cosmetic facelift procedures can be both painful and expensive. If you are looking for a safe alternative that is less expensive, the Alphaderma skin care system is the answer to your skin care problems without painful injections.

Sun damage is the number one reason that skin ages prematurely. It makes sense to reverse the signs of aging now with this innovative skincare line. They use scientifically-proven ingredients that can rejuvenate the skin, giving it a more youthful glow. Repair years of sun damage and start enjoying your beautiful new skin.

Anti-Aging Line Uses Science-Based Peptides to Repair Skin

This cosmetics system uses advanced skin care technology which includes peptides. Peptides are known to act as messengers in the skin and allow the outer and inner layers of the skin to communicate more effectively. As a result, skin is repaired from the inside out and skin retains a more resilient look and feel.

The following are dynamic ingredients used to erase fine lines and wrinkles and return skin to a healthier state:

o Argireline

o PentaPeptide

o HepaPeptide

o Alpha Lipoic Acid

o Vitamin C Ester


o Elastin

o Collagen

o Soy

o UVA and UVB (SPF 15)

Powerful Antioxidants Renew Skin

You don’t want a temporary fix when it comes to repairing skin damage. Free radical damage is caused by overexposure to sun and environmental pollutants. You will see dramatic lasting results with their Premium Peptide Anti-Aging Treatments:

o DermaPLEX EP Exfoliating Peel – Removes lifeless skin cells

o Peptide Facial Skin Prep with Trace Minerals – Trace minerals draw moisture inside skin for younger looking skin

o AlphaDerma CE – Peptide formula gets rid of fine line and wrinkles

They also offer an antioxidant line of night creams, day time moisturizers, and facial serums that repair the skin:

o Alpha Lipoic Acid

o Vitamin C Ester


o Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

o Sodium ascorbate.

Specialty Skincare Products Target Your Problem Areas

Their specialty skincare line targets problematic areas on the body such as cellulite on the thighs and dry lips. Some of their specialty skincare products include:

o Sun Block Daytime Moisturizer – Perfect, light greaseless moisturizer for face and neck. Moisturizes and shields skin with UVA and UVB SPF 40.

o Profile Anti-Cellulite Treatment – Helps smooth and tone body

o BeautiFull Lips Lip Plumper – Plumps lips with safe vasodilator (makes lips look healthy and full)

Source by Ashley Jones-Decker