Best Smart Speakers 2018 – Top 10 Smart Speakers!

As our homes are getting smarter, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the Apple Siri have become our trusted digital helpers. If you’re considering a voice assistance platform, these are the Top 10 best Smart speakers 2018. Subscribe

Best Smart Speakers 2018.

Amazon Echo $99.99
Less expensive and better-looking than previous Echo. Alexa is the best voice assistant ecosystem.

Amazon Echo Dot $39.99
Adds Alexa to any room for only $50. Connects to Bluetooth and wired speakers.

Amazon Echo Spot $129.99
Super cute design. Useful display. Supports all Alexa features.
3.5mm output.

Sonos PLAY $499.00
Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa.

Google Home Max
Great sound. Works as a mono speaker, a stereo pair, or part of a whole home audio system. Attractive design.

Sonos One $149.00
Multi-room audio with flexible stereo and surround configurations. Powerful sound. Works with Alexa voice control and Google Assistant.

Amazon Tap $99.00
Same Alexa voice assistance features as the Echo, including hands-free activation. Better sound quality than the Echo Dot. Battery operated.

Amazon Echo Show $149.00
Touch screen useful for discovery, selecting suggested items, and controlling playback. Full range of Alexa features with visuals.

Apple HomePod
Powerful audi with rich, full bass. Measurement mic adjusts audio according to your room’s acoustics. Visually pleasing design.
HomeBase HomePod Mount

Google Home
Attractive design. Removable color bases. Well-rounded sound. Multi-room audio.
Ninety7 Battery Base for Google Home

Google Home mini
Inexpensive. Nice design. Better sound quality than the Echo Dot. Better at answering music-related queries than Alexa.
ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf for Google Home mini

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