Digital Switchover: Why Should You Have An Aerial Installed?

If you live in the United Kingdom and have a "dumb box" hooked up with some rabbit ears, then it's time for you to finally step out of your cave and embrace the new world. Yes, things are a lot more different now since the last time you've woken up from hibernation and stepped out. By now, analogs should have been replaced by digital systems due to the "Digital Switchover."

What is so special about this switchover? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your system and having an aerial installed.

  • Increased Broadcast Space – With the digital switch, there will be more broadcast space available. This means more space for premium channels, High Definition TV (HDTV), wireless broadband and even mobile TV services. So, expect better services in these areas in the coming years. This would also provide an upgrade on services such as audio description and subtitling (benefiting those who are audio-visually impaired), increased interactivity, and on-screen listings as well.
  • No Monthly Subscriptions – The best part about this is that you will never have to worry about paying monthly bills because once it is set up, you can begin enjoying your favorite shows. So, it is really important to start this switchover right if you want to watch hassle-free TV for the rest of your life (OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, but a decent aerial installation will last you a good 20 years or so ).
  • More Channels – Now, talking about TV shows, if you receive analog transmissions from local relay stations, then you probably have around five channels. But, with the switchover, you will be getting more than that. This is important to take note of because the number of channels you will receive digitally will depend on which among the more than a thousand transmitters your aerial is pointing at – if it's a main transmitter then you can receive more than 40 channels, but with a local relay transmitter, you will be receiving around 15. Not too shabby, compared to the five you are currently receiving.

So, should you get a new 70 inch LED? Even if you have one of those TVs where you have to turn a dial to change the channel, "NO," you absolutely will not need to replace your existing TV set. All you need is to upgrade its system by getting a new digital receiver and an aerial or satellite dish.

But what if you are already receiving good reception with your old aerial, should you get a new one? You may or may not have to replace it. However, there is always the possibility of receiving more channels and an improved reception if you do get a new one. This is the reason you should contact your local aerial installer to be able to figure out which option is best for you to take.

So come out of the stone age and make that switch today. With almost all homes having gone digital TV, don't be left out and remain stuck with what you have. Embrace change and prepare for a better future.

Source by Paul Albert Aquino