DIY Homemade Solar Panels from Scratch ✦ How to Build 100W Solar Panel in 25 minutes video

DIY Homemade Solar Panels from Scratch – All You Need to build 100W Solar Panel. Polycrystalline vs Monocrystalline Solar Panels? While the talk through video is still in the oven, you can watch this 25 minutes video on how to build a homemade solar panel. Follow ➥ Solar Panel Kit

???? To build a solar panel you need
2mm tabbing wire (pre solder coated).
5mm tabbing wire (buss wire).
Solder Wire. (Used to tin the solder iron, also used to solder the tab cells on the buss wire).
Flux Pen. Prevents beading of the solder.
Strapping Tape (sure tape).
Regular tape.
(useful to hold the solar cells).
Solder Iron 60/80W
Multimeter. (Volts and Amps).
Sillicone Paste-like seal (UV christaline).
Epoxy Resin 40 ounces / 1Kg.
Hardener 2 Epoxy resin x 1 Hardener.
Untabbed Cells

✦ Polycrystalline Solar Cells
+ The process used to make polycrystalline silicon is simpler and cost less.
+ Polycrystalline solar panels tend to have slightly lower heat tolerance than monocrystalline solar panels.
– The efficiency of polycrystalline-based solar panels is 14-16%.
– Lower space-efficiency. You need to cover more surface to output the same electrical power as Monocrystalline cells.

✦ Monocrystalline Solar Cells
+ Monocrystalline solar cells have the highest efficiency rates.
+ Monocrystalline silicon solar cells are space-efficient.
+ Monocrystalline cells have a long lifespan.
+ Monocrystalline solar panels tend to be more efficient in warm weather.
– Monocrystalline solar panels are the most expensive.
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