Find the Best Angle for Solar Panels, Optimum Tilt Angle and Direction! DIY 100W Solar Panel Part 3

Find the right direction and tilt angle for solar panels. How to find the best angle for solar panels, the Optimum Tilt and Direction. Subscribe

Make the hight tech Solar tilt Angle tool, and next, find your solar noon.

From your mobile device download a solar noon Application.
Android: Google play “LunaSolCal Mobile”.
iOS: LunaSolCal

Or from your computer browse for a solar noon calculator and print a Solar Noon Calendar. You find links on this video description below.

Next, When you find your solar noon, place the panel facing the sun with this high tech home gadget, and next find the correct tilt angle by paning the solar panel up and dow.

You achieve the right position of your panel when the lid shade disappears by it self completely.

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