HD Media Player

If you are like me, you love downloading videos and movies from the internet, but hate watching them on your small computer screen. It is just so inconvenient. Your laptop screen is too small for really enjoying movies. Wouldn’t it be great to watch videos straight off of the internet on your big flat screen TV, without hassles? Well, it may be time you discovered HD media players – the latest in video and music playback convenience.

What is an HD media player, you ask? It is a device that combines a hard drive with hardware with software for playing video, audio, and photos via a home entertainment system. Yes, you can finally watch downloaded videos and movies on your big HDTV screen. You can also listen to high-quality digital music and show high-resolution slide-shows of your family photos on your TV. Some allow you to combine it with a DVRs where you can record TV shows just like a Tivo. Even better, most work with popular USB drives, digital cameras, camcorders, and most storage devices. You can play all computer-based files without the need for a separate computer.

Nowadays there are tons of high quality players to choose from. But the whole process can be a bit confusing. Picking the right one depends on your needs, and of course your budget. For me, I prefer a one that is capable of a full range of entertainment., including multimedia functions. If you combine that with an easy to use navigation interface, HD media players can be a great gift for the whole family.

Source by David E. Boone