How to Become an Actress – 10 Things You Need to Know

To become an actress does not happen instantly. Like any other profession, in acting, you also need to follow certain guidelines and to pass certain tests to qualify for an acting career. Some aspiring actresses become successful, and some ended up losing the battle. Meaning, acting isn’t for everyone. But if you will work on these guidelines, you’ll be able to pass the tests, and achieve your dream to become an actress. And here are the guidelines:

1. Enroll in acting workshop. Seek for schools that are already gained good reputation when it comes to this field. Make sure that this school can develop your skills as an actress.

2. Gain more experience in acting – Join acting plays in school or in your area.

3. Audition – Talent contests on TV for example will give you opportunities to be discovered by the big bosses in the acting industry and be given a break. Remember, this is where most Stars started their acting career.

4. Keep yourself fit – To become an actress means to become a television and movie icon. People will look up to you according to talent and your beauty. Now, when we talk about beauty, that’s overall beauty. Do not expect people to like you even if you look like a pig already.

5. Move to bigger cities – Opportunities for acting career are in bigger cities so keep yourself closer to these cities and apply for the position or if you work harder, be discovered.

6. Update your resume – Your resume will decide whether you qualify for an acting role or you still need more practice. Make sure your resume is very appealing to impress directors and producers and give you the role you desire.

7. Hire a manager – To become successful in your undertaking, you need someone who has the expertise to help you. Managers will be your bridge to be known to the big people in the acting business and promote your career further.

8. Be flexible to take different roles – Don’t just consider one acting role. You wont grow if you only limit yourself to one role. To become an actress means you are versatile of any roles.

9 Keep your feet on the floor – No matter how successful you are already, do not forget to be humble and thank the people and God of all your success and people will always be looking up to you.

10. Take criticisms as a challenge – Do not be afraid to be criticize as this will help you become stronger and to improve yourself. Take all criticisms positively as a challenge.

These 10 simple guidelines will guarantee you success in your course to become an actress. Just make sure to follow them accordingly to get your way to becoming famous.

Source by Alyssa K. Mayer