How to Master Female Ejaculation

Every woman is capable of having a dripping wet orgasm. Every woman has the potential to ejaculate. The only problem is that a lot of women don’t want to because they think it is disgusting. However, you need to prove to your woman that she can ejaculate and it will be the best experience of her life.

In order to master female ejaculation, you have be the master of making your woman feel comfortable about her body and about the situation. She won’t want to let loose unless she knows that you will be okay with whatever happens. She doesn’t want to put herself in a position of vulnerability if she is going to feel bad about her body afterwards. If you can do this, then you are almost there.

When it comes to actually stimulating her, make sure that you focus on the g-spot. This is located 1-2 inches inside of the vaginal wall. Stimulate the g-spot the most because this is how you trigger female ejaculation. Keep rubbing it and rubbing it until your woman can’t take it anymore. When she is about to climax, make sure pull your fingers out so you can leave some room for the ejaculate. Then she won’t know what to do but ejaculate and have the wettest and best orgasm of her life.

Use these tips so you can master female ejaculation and so you can give your woman one of the best experiences she will ever have. Once she does it, she will want to do it again and again and it will all be thanks to you.

Source by Hugh Benson