Hundreds of Channels With Sky Installation

One of the main reasons why so many residents choose to move up to Sky Digital is the sheer amount of channels it provides. With Sky installation residents can enjoy hundreds of channels at their fingertips and the option to add on channels dedicated to films and sports.

Channel Packages Are Varied

Channel packages are varied when you choose a Sky installation. You start off with a basic package which provides you with numerous various channels with something in the package to suit all of the family. You can then choose to extend the package by adding on more channels. If you like music add on this package, want more documentaries ?, choose a channel package with these in it. Residents even have access to some of the latest movies and a whole range of sports with premium channels. There is also an option to pay to view special events at the touch of a button.

The Latest Technology with Set Top Boxes

A Sky installation offers the latest in technology with their set top boxes. Residents can choose from the most basic system to the HD and HD Plus boxes which allow recording and high definition. The HD Plus is the latest set top box and allows you to store so many hours of recording in standard or high definition, to view at a later date. You can even record an entire series from the on screen digital guide at the touch of a single button.

The Plus set top box that comes with Sky installation gives residents access to On demand TV which means you can watch your favorite programs at a time that you choose. This also applies to movies on demand. It's like having your own cinema in your own home. When you purchase Sky Movies you have access to many different channels. Some provide the latest blockbuster movies while others offer classics. The same applies to sports packages. You don't just get one channel, you get a wide range offering all the latest in sports from football to Formula 1 racing.

Sky Multiroom Provides Multiroom TV Viewing

When considering a Sky installation you might also wish to consider Multiroom. This means that you have a main set top box installed and then have other boxes installed in rooms you want to be able to change channels. Everyone can then watch what they want in the privacy of their own room. Sky Multiroom can put an end to arguments over what to watch and makes life much easier.

Different company also provide residents with installation for Freeview, Freesat, European and motorized satellite TV along with a TV wall mounting service.

Source by Sean K Pritchard