Mac OS X Speed Your Mac Habits Speed your Mac OS X habits with this 5 Top Tips. From Finder to Terminal, and iTunes to Safari. Help yourself to five quick and easy ways, to speed up the ordinary things that you do every day.

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1. Duplicate and Increment a File name.
If you have a file or folder with a year in it’s name, for instance, My Exam 2015.txt, you can drag it with the Alt key, held down, and Finder automatically increments the year by one, in the duplicate file.

2. Moving the Cursor Back and Forth Without the Arrow keys.
Are you editing a long command line in Terminal?
You don’t need to waste time moving the cursor back and forth with the arrow keys. Just hold down the alt key, and click with your mouse, on the exact point you want to jump to.

3. Get info of a Song From ITunes.
If you’re playing a song in iTunes, and you want to look up the lyrics, or read the Wikipedia page for it, you can hit command, shift, and elle, and Safari finds the song for you via Google.

4. Unload the Download Folder.
In the Terminal type:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder
Every time you install applications in your machine, the Downloads folder, can quickly fill up with DMG, and pdf files.
If you use Safari Preferences to put downloads in the /tmp folder instead, they will automatically be deleted when you restart, or will be deleted after a week.

5. Safari and his Resources.
If Safari seems slow, you can use Activity Monitor, to identify which page is hogging your resources. Sort the list by Process Name, and scroll down to the items called Safari Web Content. When you hover over one, it shows you the URL of the page.