Magento: Extension to Extend Features

Magento emerged as a leading e-commerce platform for many of us, including small shop owners to industry host shots. PHP developers at Magento always try to cover each and every function and features a general e-commerce owner needs to have in his / her website but sometimes some features are not useful for everyone so they leave it as it is. So what to do, when you need some of those features which are not available with Magento or advanced versions of native features?

One good thing with Magento is, even its core structure has been developed with highly cohesive structure, it supports addons very easily. Those addons are the means of extending functions of some existing features or adding new ones. In terms of Magento these are called Extensions.

Following are some of the most used and top rated extensions of Magento being used by several php web development companies.

Magento Live Chat: One of the most wanted extension in history of Magento, it provides ability to visitors to get interacted with website owners or support staff for clarifying their doubts related products or services. After using this extension many sites reported they got increased their conversion rates. So it is a worth trying extension.

Blogs: Magento by default provides normal content management system and when you talk about extensive online marketing of your e store, you need great content on your website. This blog extension allows your web developer to just install it and provide you an option to manage your own blog on your Magento store.

Customer Groups Configurable Catalog: Sometimes you have various kinds of customers on your website and based in their types you do not want to show them other products and their information. Like retail and wholesale customers. This extension allows you to create customer groups and hide or show products based on visiting customers' group.

Exploded Menu: Do you have 3 level category structures on your website? Don't worry here comes exploded menu, it allows you to add categories and sub categories till 3 levels with no need to extra coding efforts.

Customer Reward points: If you are looking for php web development company to develop your store with customer reward point system on Magento, than try your previous php programmer again and ask his / her to install sweet tooth customer reward point system, allowing your customers to gain reward points based on their activities on your website.

There are some essential extensions and currently being used by many PHP development companies while they develop php e-commerce website using Magento CMS. However list of extensions never ends here. If you need more, you'll get more. You just need to search a bit harder.

Source by Chris T Miller