Membership Only Information Sites

When your value is directly related to the information you provide, the valuable solutions in your informative articles, and content that isn’t readily available – ANYWHERE – else. Can you sell it?

There are a number of ways you can sell information, legitimately.

Write a Book

Probably the most notably recognized method of publishing content in a way that people will buy it, is a book. Write a book including your valuable information and sell the book. Whether you prepare a text book or a collection of specific articles, a publication with your informative articles in it can be a great way to sell your information.

Put it in a Report

Reports are available online in the form of.pdf, or power point models, sometimes, they’re simply documents that have been published on Amazon in Kindle or some other local publication. There are several universities and colleges that publish cited reports with valid content. After submitting reports for class work in many colleges, those student written reports are quite often published on the college site in reference to course work. Reports are a great option for publishing short amounts of content.

Membership Only?

There are a variety of ways to sell information through membership only methods, and I’ll discuss a few of those here.

  • Short Courses – say 5 – 7 week courses where your valuable information is separated into a short course and either given away as a premium package for subscribing to your newsletter, or sold for profit.
  • Longer Courses – either a quarter (12 week) or annual course that runs through the year and your students or clients spend a good amount of time each week on the course work.
  • Consulting – paid consultants share solution based content on a regular basis. Their purpose is to solve a problem for the client, and they often have a private access site where only their students have access to paid content.
  • Coaching – similar to consulting, only generally done in groups of people who are members of a specific informational group. This can be on social media, or a website.
  • Membership Sites – this is a site access where the content on the site is either sent to you via email, or you have a password to visit the site. Either way, you’re able to see information that isn’t always readily available for others.

Solutions you offer can be given away or sold. The content belongs to you, how do you want to share it?

Source by Jan Verhoeff