Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 – Worth Buying?

With all these new toy blasters rolling out from brands like Buzz Bee and Nerf, its easy to get lost in the possibilities. If you’ve taken a look at what new ones are available, then you’ve most likely come across the N-Strike Alpha Trooper. This blaster is new from Nerf, and comes with a familiar style that collectors will easily recognize.

You too probably have noticed how similar it looks to a previous gun from Nerf. It is strikingly similar to the N-Strike Recon, which is about the same size, and style. The big differences however, are that the Recon features the pump action on the top of it, has a detachable barrel, and comes with a stock.

Without the barrel attachment, the Recon is much smaller than the Trooper. The Trooper however, can have both a stock and barrel attached to the front of it, making it as versatile as the Recon. With both being so similar, which is better… or better yet, which is worth buying?

Many fans will say that both are worth getting. The only drawback to both blasters is they have somewhat-undesirable cocking actions. Many people find cocking these blasters to be slightly cumbersome. They say the Alpha has too small of a pump arm, and the Nerf Recon CS-6 has too long of a pump stroke. These are both understandable observations, but neither are really prominent reasons to stay away from them – just criticism for criticism’s sake. People have to find something wrong with everything, right?

Source by Jerry Benson