PC Satellite TV Review

PC satellite TV is the new kid on the block in digital satellite TV technology. So just what is so fascinating about being able to watch satellite TV on PC? Even as we discuss, there is an exodus of current viewers who are watching satellite TV channels on television sets to satellite TV on PC. Let us discover more about this PC satellite TV technology and see if the old satellite TV system is obsolete or still relevant.

PC satellite TV runs on a proprietary internet technology. In order to tap into the system and watch satellite TV on PC, you need to install and run a software application. Now, this software is available online and can be downloaded easily from the internet. Once installed and running, you will be able to locate a list of national and international satellite TV channels from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway that you can watch. Of course, these channels include cartoons, movies, music videos and more. This is very similar to satellite TV services run by the service providers which give you hundreds of satellite TV channels.

In terms of program variety, watching satellite TV on PC has an advantage over traditional satellite dish TV systems. The difference here is PC satellite TV uses internet connection, whether dial-up or broadband to receive their feeds. Traditional satellite TV system relies on satellite dish setup and can vary depending on your locality, the range your satellite dish covers and whether it is multi or single satellite dish unit. With PC satellite TV, you get to watch more programs.

Satellite TV system run on a dish system comprising satellite dish, receiver, decoder, etc. Setting up can be a hassle and needs more than one pair of hands. When it is misaligned due to weather or physical knocks, someone has to climb up the roof to adjust it to optimal position to restore the reception. PC satellite TV users vouch for the ease of installation.

What about pricing? Satellite TV services are normally bundled in different TV packages and can vary in the specific program category and prices. But generally, payment is on a monthly basis with occasional promotional discounts for yearly subscriptions. DIY satellite dish TV systems are free but you have to be tech-savvy and familiar with setting up your own satellite TV equipment. A decent satellite dish system can set you back by hundreds to thousands of dollars. PC satellite TV software would cost you roughly $60 – 100.

Satellite TV offers great mobility to people on the move. No matter where you are, traveling on a yacht or car, you can get to enjoy satellite TV programs anytime you want. You are not restricted by the time zone since TV shows and movies are screened round the clock. This is where the satellite dish has an edge over PC satellite TV. While it is true that you can still get internet access while on the move, the exorbitant cost of connection can fry your pocket.

As you can see, each TV system has its merits. Discover the scoop about PC satellite TV at my blog and find out how you can watch satellite TV on PC today.

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Source by Davion Wong