Programming Basics #20 Breaking the Code
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#20 Breaking The Code

Learn to code.

A function is the idea of taking a block of code, whether one line, 10 lines or 100, wrapping it up, and giving it a name. So you can call it later, and then you can treat that block of code has one thing.

Now the way we create them in java_script, is that we take the code we want to enclose, whether is one line or 100, we surround it with curly braces to create a code block, to say where this functions starts, and where ends.

What ever is inside of this code block, is it was called the body of the function.
Now we need to say what function this is, we need to give a name. So we first add the word, function, and because we could have a dozen of them, we have to give a unit name. And this part like variables is up to us.

So could be, create message, hide menu, animate image, explode space ship, calculate score, but let just call this one, my function.