Raw Maintenance Kodi Cleaning

Raw Maintenance Kodi Cleaning

Here ia a quick Tutorial on how to delete or Purge Packages folder in kodi, delete Thumbnails and clear caches. This will clear space on your setup and also speed it up. Just download the Raw Maintenance addon, install and once inside it is very straight forward. Enjoy!

FYI, some say it collects info.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when it comes to Buffering

1.Servers are overwhelmed: This is due to a large amount of people using the same links and bringing the servers almost to a hault.

2. Check your download speed: Make sure that you are getting the speeds that you believe you pay for. You want to have 5mbps or higher. Sure some sd Movies will still stream at 2mbps.

 Go to www.speedtest.net and run the speed test to see what download speed you’re getting, if it’s showing a lower figure than you expected then it may well be your router.


3. Wi-Fi

If you intend to use Kodi for accessing online streams then it’s highly recommended to use a wired connection rather than wireless, this is especially true when watching live streams as you only need one dropped packet and the stream will stop.

4.Reset the router

Quite often your Wireless router needs a reset. So if you’re getting low speeds unplug the power wire on the router and wait for 30 seconds and then plug it back in and give it a minute to reconfigure, run the speedtest again and see if you’ve got any speed increases.

5. Call your ISP and have them send a refresh signal. This can also fix speeed issue. use this method if your speed test is still showing low numbers after the router and box.

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