Save Money – Take a Vacation

Some families save money for an entire year just to take a much needed vacation. They want it to be perfect especially because it only happens once a year. The last thing we want to think about is saving money while vacationing. It almost seems like an oxymoron. These tips should keep extra dollars in your pocket without losing any fun. If you can stretch your dollars a bit further maybe you could stay a few extra days!

First, before getting into specific saving tips, there is the possibility of becoming your very own travel agent. You can save money on all your travel needs from hotels to airfare to car rentals. And, because you are your own travel agent you receive a commission on the travel you booked for yourself.  Even if you book travel for a friend you can earn money and save money for your friend. The possibilities are endless.


Now, here are some great tips for saving money and having fun while on vacation…

Tip #1 Look for discounted admission coupons. These can be found everywhere; online, in your hotel, local newspapers, travel guidebooks and AAA. Enjoy your favorite spots using a discount coupon. Some museums even offer free admission one day a month.


Tip #2 Choose an empty refrigerator filled with your favorite snacks over the goodies in the mini bar. The best is to ask the hotel to provide a mini-refrigerator (which some do free of charge). Then, stock it with your favorite drinks and snacks from the local super market.


Tip #3 Public transportation can be an adventure. Using trains, subways & trolleys can be part of the travel fun. This is much cheaper than renting a car and paying for gas and parking fees.


Tip #4 Eat lunch at restaurants. Everyone wants to enjoy eating out on vacation. Most restaurants offer less expensive lunch menus for the same food they offer at dinner time. Simply have your largest meal of the day be lunch! 

Tip #6 Plan your trip in advance. This is the best way to find a cheap place to stay and save time for more exciting things.

Here’s to your next vacation! Cheers!

Source by Kodi Riddle