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Husham A Scam? KodiM3u News

Husham A Scam? KodiM3u News

It looks like Husham is at it again.Making fake allegations to stir up the pot. I mean, he is known  as the Chief of scaremongering. With his release of the IPTVSTALKER.apk file, people are once again being reminded of how far this guy will go. He put out a file with a virus and now making fake news about iptvstalker addon being sued. To me he just does this to get his name out there. This is what people are saying: He has been been banned and kicked out of AAA streams for unknown reasons, 
Left RH after it was discovered the repo he gave them was cut n pasted. ..
Promoted an app with a known virus/payload injected
Stole dan elmores wizard code. .
Caused uproar by saying amazon would block kodi…
Caused more uproar by posting end users would be sued..

Norton Security Flagged the IPTVSTALKER.apk as a virus. So be careful as we do not know the extent of what it does. Do not install on devices like your phone where you have private information. Husham has been in a battle with the community for just plain copying and taking peoples hard work. Even way back with bbts. People should just stop visiting his site. HUSHAME!


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