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Remedy For a Canine Itchy Pores and skin Downside


Does your canine have dry itchy pores and skin that he simply cannot cease scratching?  Is he relentlessly biting and licking these areas with no reduction in web site?  By now, greater than possible you are feeling helpless with you canine’s itchy pores and skin downside.  You already know there’s simply acquired to be a easy resolution that does not contain dragging your canine to the vet and paying a excessive priced physician’s invoice. 

Effectively…you are proper!  There ARE some easy options to a canine with dry itchy pores and skin.  In spite of everything, it is a VERY widespread downside.  Right here I will be supplying you with some nice ideas that may give your canine (and also you) the reduction you’ve got been trying to find. Let’s get began!

It may be a bit intimidating at first, making an attempt to treatment a pet’s well being ailment.  Do not let your lack of information on the topic intimidate you.  You do not have to be a veterinarian to resolve MOST itchy pores and skin situations in canines.  You merely have to know what secure remedies you can begin implementing and go from there.  Right here, I will be supplying you with my high two favorites:

The Shampoo Issue:  Shampoos can work FOR or AGAINST a canine with itchy pores and skin.  It actually all is determined by root explanation for the itch.  As an illustration, if he is affected by fleas (flea allergy symptoms trigger the insatiable itch), you may need to choose up a good flea & tick shampoo.  He’ll really feel relieve INSTANTLY as most flea shampoos kill the fleas inside 24 hours of software.

Shampoos also can work in opposition to your canine in terms of itching.  In case your groomer is utilizing a specific model, it’s possible you’ll need to examine.  Maybe you are taking him to the groomer too usually.  See, each time your canine has a shower with shampoo, the oil from his fur is stripped and a drying impact takes place on the pores and skin.  This can trigger itchy canine pores and skin however the resolution is far less complicated than the previous situation. You possibly can both give him much less baths or…

They do make canine dandruff shampoos which moisturize itchy canine pores and skin.  Do this out when you’ve already eradicated the potential of fleas, rash, an infection or a sore as the reason for the issue.  Moisturizing his pores and skin with one in every of these shampoos is a pleasant simple repair.

Soothing Options:   Aloe Vera works particularly properly on “sizzling spots” (sores).  Sizzling spots are unimaginable itchy patches of irritated pores and skin.  They normally happen when a scratch on the pores and skin turns into minorly contaminated.  Making use of a dab of aloe vera to the spot will instantly soothe your canine.  You too can dissolve Aloe Vera in a sprig bottle with water.  Spray the answer in your canine’s coat to offer him FAST relieve.

Emu Oil is one other pure substance that relieves irritated pores and skin.  It is used greatest with pores and skin irritated by ringworm, flea bites and hotspots. 

Lastly, Petroleum Jelly works wonders on patches of itchy canine pores and skin.  It may well get a bit messy, so simply put a dab on.  I choose utilizing this resolution for hotspots.  It is a good method to forestall the canine from additional infecting the realm and permitting the sore to heal.  Petroleum Jelly is much less efficient for a recurring difficulty similar to a flea infestation.


Source by Lisa Whitaker

Suddenly, My Dog Won’t Eat!


Every now and then, our dogs like their human counterparts go on strike when it comes to eating their regular food. For whatever reason no amount of coaxing will get them to eat food that they loved a day or two ago.

Are they being fussy or is something wrong? Personally, I favor the thinking something is wrong attitude, and if by the second mealtime the reaction is the same, it is off to the vet we go.

Granted dogs can behave like we humans and just not feel like eating at one time or another, but to refuse two meals in a row for a dog that normally loves its food creates room for concern.

What are some of the things that can cause a loss of appetite?

The first thought that comes to mind is have you changed brands? If you are trying a new food or are adding a supplement to the current brand that may easily be the problem. Your dog does not like the new food or the supplement.

If you are using the same brand and have just opened a new bag, there is a remote possibility that something could be wrong with food! It might be moldy or spoiled, just because it looks okay does not mean it is okay. Remember our scary episode with spoiled dog and cat food a while ago? Most grocery stores will be glad to take back a bag of pet food if you are concerned about it.

The next thing to be concerned about is teeth and mouth problems! It is possible that your dog could have a toothache, a sore gum, or something wrong with one of its teeth. A sore mouth will cause a dog not to eat.

Is your dog suffering from diarrhea, panting, vomiting, or anything else out of the ordinary? Dogs are great at hiding symptoms of illnesses. If you are noticing any of these things, may I suggest a quick trip to the vet?

Have there been any changes in the household? New coming and goings can cause a disruption in the normal routine of the household and put a dog’s appetite on hold. Animals do not really enjoy change. They really go for the simple and constant life.

Is your dog losing weight? If not, check with the other members of the household and see if anyone is feeding the dog on the sly with extra people food or treats. A new and different source of food can cause a change in a dog’s appetite.

If your dog has an ear infection (which is usually related to food allergies or environmental allergies) this too, can be a cause for a lack of appetite.

Is your dog on any medication either prescribed or over the counter types, these could be making him/her feel nauseous or queasy? Remember medications have side effects that can cause many kinds of problems.

The important thing to remember is that any unusual change in your dog’s behavior is truly an important sign that something is wrong and should be attended to by your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Female dogs in heat tend to lose their appetite, as do males when a female is nearby. The important thing here to remember is that if your female stops’ eating after the heat cycle has passed be certain to take her to the vet as she may have what is called pyometra.

Pyometra is pus in the uterine cavity that often develops after a heat cycle and is life threatening to your dog. Signs of this problem are loss of energy, no appetite and increased thirst. It is highly recommended that you have your pet spayed in order to prevent this problem.

As dogs get older, like people, their appetite changes, what they liked one day may not be what they prefer today. If you have had your dog checked out medically and your vet cannot find a reason for the loss of interest in food, you may just have to improvise and create a new interest.

Sounds like a lot of work, yes it might be, but if your senior dog has suddenly become a bit picky consider it a small price to pay for all the years of love and loyalty he/she has given you.

Your vet can prescribe some appetite stimulating drugs and you can go the extra mile and think up some new ways offer pet food and/or people food in small amounts at a time. Some dogs when they are going through this stage do not like to eat the same thing two times in a row. So take time to discipline yourself into thinking about your dog’s menu just as you would your own. Almost any foods can be offered except chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts.

Baby foods are a good choice, as are foods from your plate, fresh veggies, smelly food like liverwurst, chicken or beef liver sautéed in butter or gravies or sauces mixed in with the dry food.

Whatever you do, do not give up this might just be a phase or it may not be, whatever the end result is, your dog deserves your care, you wouldn’t desert your best friend, would you?


Source by Audrey Frederick

Alpha Dog Behavior – How to Correct This Dangerous Behavior in Dogs


Alpha dog behavior happens when a dog thinks that he is the pack leader, not you. Dogs that exhibit this type of behavior will often growl and intimidate to keep you in line. This can be a very dangerous situation for families.

Dogs are natural pack animals, and it is natural for a pack animal to rise as high as possible in the pack. In packs there is only one leader, which is usually male.

Your dog must have a strong leader, or your dog will choose to be the leader, which is why you need to assume the dominant position in the relationship.

Dogs that exhibit alpha dog behavior can be very dangerous to small children, as these dogs will attack, bite, and scratch to keep everyone in line.

If you think your dog is displaying this behavior you have to stop it, before it goes to far. Start by exerting more control over when and how you feed your dog, go for walks, and give your dog attention.

If your dog thinks he can get whatever he wants, whenever, he will continue to be the dominant one and the behavior will continue.

Start using a more commanding voice when speaking to him and stand tall. Do not kneel down to talk to him at his level, as this is a more submissive position. If you have children, train them how to be more dominant with the dog, or maybe even have them be in charge of the feeding of the dog.


Source by Crystal Jordan