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Kodi Dexter Addon Update Download

Kodi Dexter Addon Update Download


dexter addon update


New update once again. Below is the repo to download and install the dexter addon. They now require you to register in order to use the addon. It is free! Make sure to make a fake email address so that they do not start spamming you later. Aside from that the addon is peachy!!


Official Forum: http://xbmcm3u.com

http://kodi.tv/download/ (Link from official Kodi download page).
IPVanish VPN Link: https://www.ipvanish.com/?a_aid=559b2ebabc791&a_bid=48f95966
Greate site: http://1stopsite.com
Overplay: http://overplay.net/?a_aid=559b2ebabc791&a_bid=3ea62643
Kodi Isengard Video Tutorials: http://kodiisengard.com



Amazon has finally announced the release of the amazon fire TV and the new fire tv stick.  The specs look promising , with 75% more processing power, a dedicated graphics engine, better Wi-Fi support, 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of storage and expandable storage of up to 128 GB. For people with 4K tv it will be a box worth  getting as their  boxes work very well and are backed up by a solid one year warranty. I am personally yet to see a defective amazon box. Also, the new stick will have a voice activated remote and bit more horse power.  The look of the boxes will remain the same. You can now pre-order


new amazon fire tv


  • All-new Amazon Fire TV now supports 4K Ultra HD for true-to-life picture quality. Watch high-definition 1080p streams on Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu and more, even without a 4K TV.
  • Now with Alexa, use your Fire TV Voice Remote to check sports scores or the weather, play music, and more – instantly
  • The easiest way to enjoy over 250,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, and Showtime Anytime, plus games, music, and apps
  • Cutting the cord? Watch the best of live TV on NBC News, NBA Gametime, and Sling TV, which includes ESPN, CNN, HDTV, AMC, A&E, Cartoon Network, and more.
  • Say it. Watch it. Simply say the name of what you want to watch and start enjoying in seconds.
  • Now with 75% more processing power, a dedicated graphics engine, better Wi-Fi support, 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of storage and expandable storage of up to 128 GB
  • With over 800 games – the most games of any other streaming media player – there is something for the entire family, including Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, and Pac-Man 256
  • Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, including original programming like Transparent, plus over 1 million songs with Prime Music



Kodi Addon Genesis 5.0.1 Update September 2015

Kodi Addon Genesis 5.0.1 Update September 2015


genesis 5.0.1 addon update

Lambda still hard at work giving is more updates and fixes for the Genesis addon.

Lambda Genesis v5.0.1 just updated and is available for update, changelog is as follows:

Genesis v5.0.1 (2-Sep-15)

– Fixed problem with Trakt Progress.
– Added Croatian, Greek and Portuguese translations.
– Updated available sources. ( No sources fix )
– Updated available resolvers.
– Code cosmetics.

All thanks and respect to lambda!



Go into Genesis addon and scroll to the bottom and select tools. Scroll down and clear cache and sources.

Amazon Best Android Boxes: http://kodiiptvxbmc.com
kodi Isengard Tutorials: http://kodim3u.com
Forum: http://xbmcm3u.com
Bikini Girls: http://bikiniviral.com
Funny Videos: http://querisavines.com
kitchen Gadgets: http://funkykitchengadgets.com
Health: http://1aspirinaday.com
IPVanish VPN Link: https://www.ipvanish.com/?a_aid=559b2ebabc791&a_bid=48f95966
Best kodi Isengard skin: http://Elsabio78Skins.com
Greate site: http://1stopsite.com
Overplay: http://overplay.net/?a_aid=559b2ebabc791&a_bid=3ea62643
Kodi Isengard Video Tutorials: http://kodiisengard.com
Elbow Installer Apk: http://adf.ly/1NNVeL




Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga Boxing Fight Live m3u

Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga Boxing Fight Live m3u

sugar shane mosley vs mayorga m3u

The long awaited rematch fight between sugar Shane mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga is Today! For the school watchers, this will bring back some memories. This is probably by far one of the cheapest ppv fights of the past decade.

I’ll be amazed when the Mosley-Mayorga 2 pay-per-view even will get even 50,000 buys in the boxing public. The battle is simply too late in the overall game for this to become a lot of interest for fans. It’s the same as dragging out a classic Yankees team full of only upon the market gamers and matching them against a classic Concord A’s group of upon the market gamers in baseball, after which asking fans to pay for $45 to determine the overall game.

As I think some diehard fans would pay to determine it, I can’t see diet program them being interested. If there have been some good in the past who had been still alive on a single of individuals teams, maybe some fans could be interested. However for Mosley-Mayorga, I simply can’t see there being any interest from fans in having to pay to determine this fight, particularly with Mares versus. Santa Cruz being public on free TV on a single evening on ESPN.

You cannot blame Mosley and Mayorga for attempting to take their rematch on PPV, since it clearly provides them their finest possibility of earning money for that fight, however they selected the incorrect date to get it on PPV. It is also not really a great fight for PPV. Mosley continues to be considered a go fighter within the minds of numerous boxing fans for several years. You may make a disagreement that Mosley had been over-the-hill over ten years ago as he lost to Winky Wright in consecutive fights in 2004. Not lengthy before that, Mosley has lost in consecutive fights to Vernon Forrest in 2002.

Mosley looked terrible in beating Mayorga with a twelfth round knockout in 2008. Mayorga controlled the majority of the fight until getting stopped within the twelfth round.

Mayorga would be a good fighter at reason for his career, but after his loss to Cory Spinks 12 years back in 2003, Mayorga hasn’t looked exactly the same since that time. It’s difficult to think that Mayorga has looked shot for 12 models, but that’s virtually reality.

Visit www.xbmcm3u.com

Isengard Kodi Genesis Addon 5 released

Isengard Kodi Genesis Addon 5 released



kodi genesis 5 addon Lambda


Just off the oven, the updated version of Lambda’s Genesis 5 has just been released! After weeks of people complaining of issues of links not working and autoplay taking too long or timing out, this release addresses a lot of these problems.

A more elaborate method to use auto-play. It appears like at this time when the first link fails, it requires too lengthy after which fails. Will be there a method to have Genesis auto-shuffle with the links whether it doesn’t respond following a couple of seconds?

A: At this time the streams are sorted by quality and filehoster. If your filehost is slow it presently inspections all of the streams for this after which it moves to another filehost. It’s smart to choose random links in autoplay.

A method to auto sort links based on site transfer speed rather than just HD/SD.

A: However , you will find no “rules” about this. For many days a filehoster might be slow after which it might return to fast speeds or even the opposite. Even the speed of the file host can vary according to user’s area.

Have the ability to apply sights to similar areas. For instance, for those who have a particular seasons layout along with a certain episodes layout, this will affect all shows.



Genesis 5.0 Features

  • the HD movies and latest movies sections are going to be combined into one section. These two sections point to the same folder and show the same content currently, which is confusing. Source
  • Genesis 5.0 will be rewritten from scratch in a lot of area to improve speed.
  • Favourites are being rewritten in particular to be faster. Right now if you have a lot of favourite TV shows and movies, it can take a long time to load. This is promised tomorrow to be fixed.
  • Unfortunately for some, due to the changes above, all favourites will have to be readded.
  • A new section is being added to show the most recent episode of your favourite shows. As someone who uses the TV Guide and Next Aired add-ons, this might be a great new feature to watch your favourite shows as soon as they air. Source for the above info
  • As of right now, you will not be able to search the metadata for language to find sources that aren’t English. Lambda gives a technical reasoning here.
  • The download manager will be redone. Lambda has said that it will be similar to the Phoenix 2.0 download manager, which he helped code. Source
  • https://github.com/lambda81/lambda-addons

You can install Metalkettle repo: http://kodi.metalkettle.co

Or if you have the repo already, go ahead and do a force refresh by going into:

1. Sytem

2. Addons

3.Get Addons

4. All addons

5. Scroll over Lambda Addon repo and bring up context menu. Hit force refresh!

If you want a direct download to addon here it is: Genesis 5 Download

Force refresh Video:



Elsabio78, www.kodiiptvxbmc.com

Elbow Installer Android Apps APK

Elbow Installer Android Apps APK



elbowinstaller logo


The one of a kind installer for your Android device. It comes loaded with must have Android apk files so that you can install right from there and not have to go all over the place looking for files. They are releasing in the next few days a version with more options. But this one is packs a Big punch. Even has firestarter for Amazon users and tons of live TV apps that actually work and are free. Definitely a must have! For this version you must have a mega.co free account to be able to download. This is their Beta version and soon it will not need it.


Below are Just a few apk downloads that it provides:


STB Emulator 0.5.22.apk








LAZY IPTV_2.28_apk.apk






HPHTV Launcher apk





Amo Navi-X_2.1.2_72.apk

BLACK KODi 14.2 v1.1.apk

BLACK15 v1.1.apk

EsFileExplorer APK




0 IPTV_v0.7.4_













Show Box_4.08.apk


XBMC Movies.apk



Plus Sports, apps, Movies and much more.




kodi isengard Genesis addon no streams Available Fix

kodi isengard Genesis addon no streams Available Fix


Video and steps to fix kodi isengard Genesis addon no streams available. This video shows you how to clear the Genesis cache and sources to take care of that. Steps are also listed right below the video.


genesis kodi clear cache



To clear cache and sources:

Go into Genesis

Scroll all the way down until you find “TOOLS”

Inside tools, Scroll to the bottom and clear both Cache and clear sources. This will help with the no streams available and speed up genesis as well. Do not forget to also clear caches inside Xunitytalk under programs and tweaks.


Enjoy. visit www.xbmcm3u.com and www.kodiiptvxbmc.com for more info and how tos.


New Iptv Kodi Isengard Addon Dexter

New Iptv Kodi Isengard Addon Dexter



dexter addon kodi

This new addon Dexter was just released for both Kodi and Isengard. Iy has premium channels channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. Has an Bang Bang section along with live TV iptv xbmc. iptv section includes sports and other basic channels. Worth trying out but not sure if it is self-updating. I guess we will have to find out and see.


Dexter addon kodi 2

I  believe it came from Soloman.






kodi Isengard Ultimate Adult Addons Setup

kodi Isengard Ultimate Adult Addons Setup 

Here are the best adult addons for kodi Isengard. They just keep on cuming out the woodwork! To name a few Kodi adult addons: jav Stream, Wood Rocket,Likuoo, Ultimate white cream, Cherrypie, BeeG, Erotix, Videodevil, Tube8, Lubetube, Youjizz, Fantastic, Erotik, Empflix and I hope that is enough for you. There are a few more out there if you really need them.


    Jav Stream Addon                                       Wood Rocket Addon                                    Likuoo Addon


  Cherry Pie                                              Ultimate White Cream                                              Erotik

                   Fantastic.cc                                                     YouJizz                                                             Tube8


Links for download:

 (Ptom)Includes: Jav Stream Addon   Wood Rocket Addon      Likuoo Addon


Ultimate white Cream Addon (UWC)


Cherrie Pie













Black Kodi Apk Black Kodi Isengard

Black Kodi Apk Black Kodi Isengard




Here are a few downloads for the Black Kodi or Black Isengard Apk setup.

14.2 helix BLACK_KODi_14.2_v1.1.apk


BLACK KODi Isengard BLACK15 v1.1.apk


http://adf.ly/1Mpzs6 Plugin






ALLTV.ch Addon kodi Isengard Setup

ALLTV.ch Addon kodi Isengard Setup

alltv.ch addon kodi

Another descent addon for live Tv for the arsenal. Iy has a nice selection of Sports, Movies , kids and regular Tv channels. To install just download from the Xunity repo.  To install ALLTV.ch:

If you have the below xunity Talk repo, all you need to do is go into:

System, addons, Get addons, XunityTalk, Video addons and click to install.


or direct donwload Xunitalk repo:   Download and go into



install From Zip and point it to download

Then, go into Get addons, Xunity talk, Video addons and click ALLTV.ch and install. Enjoy



Ivue Guide kodi Isengard Addon update

Ivue Guide kodi Isengard Addon update

Gorilla kodim3u addon
Great news for those using the Ivue guide.  You now have more options for selecting channels inside the guide. The IVUE TEAM has now auto linked PlaylistLoader Addon, Gorilla addon  and Vdubt addon.these addons will come up when the channel pressed is inside the respective addon. DONT forget to in ivue go to settings, guidefixes and  delete addons file.



Gorilla Streams addon with Sportsdevil

Gorilla Streams addon with Sportsdevil

NEW Update pushed for Gorilla Streams its now taken a different direction and is a modified version of sportsdevil/dragon streams. News from Stuart D.

Gorilla streams kodim3u

Do a force refresh on your repos by going into system, addons, get addons, hit menu key and select force refresh. You will update all addons including the Gorilla Streams Addon. New options inside!

Inside Mucky Ducks repo: http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml/


IPTV STALKER FIX August 2015 Mac

IPTV STALKER FIX August 2015 Mac

iptvstalker fix agust 2015

For those of you having issues with iptv stalker being down, just try changing mac address. Start by switching a few numbers and try a variation. You have to clear cache several time by hitting menu over NFPS. Keep trying until you get one. The pic below has one that worked for me. Not sure how long it will last or how many people can use it before it gets flagged. good luck

You can also try this tool:plugin.video.fixstalker.zip only thing is sometimes u have to clear cache several times.





Kodi Vulnerable To Hackers

Kodi Vulnerable To Hackers

Kodi Media Center Vulnerability Exposes Users to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Home media player software Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) has been found vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that may jeopardize the security of home users, according to Bitdefender research.

Kodi Media Center Vulnerability Exposes Users to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Kodi is mostly used by those who want to build their own home media centers without investing in dedicated hardware or software. This open-source solution is compatible with a wide range of operating systems (Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android), and it’s the preferred choice for many enthusiasts.

Although Team Kodi, a group of volunteers located around the world, have successfully developed and maintained the software for years, we have analyzed Kodi from a security point of view and identified several attack scenarios based on man-in-the-middle attacks.

Team Kodi has been notified about the vulnerabilities found and they’re working on issuing patches. No time of release has been estimated.

The Problem.

Kodi features a set of add-ons that allows users to access popular services such as YouTube, Dropbox, Grooveshark, etc. Every time Kodi is launched, it automatically checks if installed add-ons have updates. When a new add-on version is found, it is automatically downloaded and installed. A pop-up notifies users that the add-on has been updated.

The add-on update check and communication is handled entirely over HTTP, with no encryption. Here’s the update process, step by step:

1. The software asks the md5 hash for the latest “addons.xml” file, containing information about add-ons, including their latest version numbers;
2. If the md5 of the latest “addons.xml” file is different than the one stored locally by Kodi, it requests the actual file;
3. The local versions of the installed add-ons are compared against the ones in the latest “addons.xml” file;
4. If a new version is available for an add-on, a request is made for the md5 of the latest add-on package;
5. The new add-on is downloaded, which consists of a zip archive containing Python modules and configuration xml files;
6. An md5 hash is obtained from the downloaded zip file and compared against the md5 received previously. If they match, the add-on is installed.

The attack.

Because of the lack of encryption and authentication during the above process, an attacker who intercepts the network traffic can modify add-ons to execute code on the system Kodi is installed on. Specifically, when the request for the latest “addons.xml” md5 file is made, the attacker will send a random md5.

This doesn’t need to be the exact md5 hash for the file that will be sent, as it seems this is not verified. Afterwards, the attacker sends a crafted “addons.xml” file containing a higher version of a specific add-on he’s targeting. In the end, he will have to send the correct md5 hash for his add-on package and the actual zip archive with the malicious add-on. Once the add-on is installed, the attacker’s malicious Python code is executed.

What did we achieve?

On Windows, an attacker will have the same privileges as the user under which Kodi is running. We were able to download the executable and place it in the startup directory under the user with these privileges.

Kodi Media Center Vulnerability Exposes Users to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

On OpenElec, (a Raspberry Pi Linux distribution with Kodi installed), we focused on retrieving sensitive user data. To this end, we modified the YouTube add-on to retrieve user credentials.

The official add-on uses the OAuth2 authentication method, meaning that no username or password need be entered into the add-on itself. We added a fake dialog to the add-on we sent – displayed at startup – asking the user to sign in with his YouTube credentials. The obtained credentials were sent to a remote site using a GET HTTP request.

Interestingly, although the legitimate YouTube add-on uses HTTPS for authentication, it doesn’t check if the certificate used for the communication is actually trusted. This can easily be observed when analyzing the add-ons code, as certificate validation is disabled.

Kodi Media Center Vulnerability Exposes Users to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

All calls are made with “Verify=False”, meaning no certificate validation is triggered.

An attacker who intercepts network traffic can obtain the refresh token used for authenticating a device and, along with the client secret ID, which is hardcoded into the add-on, he can access content, such as private videos, from the user’s channel. This can be achieved without modifying any add-on – by only sniffing traffic. Because Kodi has its own Python package (the analyzed version has v2.7.8), other add-ons that don’t explicitly check the validity of the SSL certificate and rely only on checks made by utllib2 could be susceptible to this type of attack.

We have also modified the Dropbox add-on (Dbmc) so that each time the add-on is launched or it syncs files, it uploads all content from the local Dropbox directory to an FTP server of our choice. By default, the Dropbox add-on syncs only media files but, because the code can be modified, it can be forced to download all available files from the Dropbox account.

The problems described here rely on the lack of encryption and authentication when updating add-ons and not in the actual add-ons themselves. The lack of certificate validation in the YouTube add-on is an entirely different problem.


Our research has shown that not only a man-in-the-middle attack would be successful, but also that it doesn’t take impressive skills to pull it off. Implementing a secure communication channel for any application that connects through the internet to any server or marketplace should become a standard. Otherwise, any information passed back and forward could easily be tampered with by anyone eavesdropping.

The implications of the lack of encryption or strong authentication methods could potentially involve a complete takeover of the targeted machine or the loss of critical and sensitive user data (e.g. passwords, files).

Note: This article is based on technical information provided courtesy of Bogdan Timofte, Bitdefender Researcher.


ElSabio78 Skin Kodi Isengard

ElSabio78 Skin Kodi Isengard

Elsabio skin

Check out the new skin by ElSabio78. It has tons of features like iptv stalker working, USTVNOW fully working including a tv guide that uses both addons. WOW!! plus, it has the top addons and custom menus with cool background images. Cannot top this. Remember to leave any donation is appreciated as it is a lot of work for him. I already dropped a few dimes. Thanks ElSabio78

New T-Killa Addon For Kodi Isengard Spanish

New T-Killa Addon For Kodi Isengard Spanish

t-killa addon

The just released Tkilla addon is a must have for the spanish speaking community. It brings you the latest movies and tv shows in spanish. It also has a nice selection of live tv channels. The channels are from all over the world. This means it also includes English speaking channels as well. Definetly a must have. Take a look for yourself and download the addon below. http://adf.ly/1M6nzV





Cartoon HD Extra Kodi Fixed

Cartoon HD Extra Kodi Fixed

Cartoon HD Extra addon resurfaces once again after being dropped for several months. The great cartoon, Movie and TV show addon is working very real and we are thankful that it was brought back.

cartoon hd Kodim3u

It is very easy to setup:

-Open Kodi/Isengard

-Select SYSTEm > File Manager

-Select Add Source

-Click on none

Here type exactly : http://xunitytalk.com/xfinity/

-select -done

-Enter Name: .Xunity

-Click ok

Return back to kodi home screen

Now click system

Click Addons

Install from Zip

Point it to where you save the file

Once installed go back into “Get Addons”

At the top you will see .xunity (or whatever you named it)

click videos and look for cartoon HD Extra.

Boila! Enjoy


Apple TV 2 Officially Dropped by Kodi

Apple TV 2 Officially Dropped by Kodi

Apple TV 2 has been Officially Dropped by Kodi. The workhorse that it was has now come to a dead end. The makers of xbmc/kodi explain that the hardware is very old and how they had stopped making fixes back when Frodo was released. The Apple TV 2 was an awesome box and it is understandable why it was dropped, since their is no Jailbreak for the Apple TV 3. Here is what Kodi.TV had to say:

apple tv 2 iptvxbmc


Dear users,

As the current maintainer of the AppleTV2 platform for Kodi, I wanted you to know that I have decided to stop official support for it. I know that the fact that XBMC/Kodi runs on Apple’s black puck has been the main reason for buying one for many people, but it has become a dead end for Kodi.

If you are currently using an AppleTV2 for Kodi, you may already have realised how the quality of the XBMC/Kodi experience has degraded on the device since the release of Frodo. The HD playback is unstable and liable to crash the device, and the overall performance is beginning to fall behind other platforms which are based on more recent hardware. From a developer’s point of view the AppleTV2 is a major challenge because Apple never released any Software Development Kit for it. The fact that XBMC/Kodi has ever been able to run on it is a testament to the countless hours of hacking by Scott Davilla and Edgar Huceke. I want to personally give a big thanks to both of them for all they have done with the box. Without this work XBMC/Kodi would never have been able to support the iOS platform at all, and yet today it remains alive and well on numerous tablets and phones.

Maintaining the AppleTV2 for XBMC/Kodi became more and more demanding each time Apple decided to update the AppleTV2′s iOS Version. The big bang was iOS6 where I had to rewrite a substantial amount of the AppleTV2 specific code to do runtime hooking, an obscure means of adding functionality to iOS that Apple never intended iOS to have, because Apple made it even more obvious that they didn’t want 3rd party apps to be run on the black box by removing the private Framework which all our work previously relied upon. There are no tools to work for this platform – most of the work can only be done by trial and error and carefully watching log files. That’s not the way sane development works in 2015 anymore.

All in all I am sadly not able to restore the stability of Frodo in the current Kodi versions. The memory of the AppleTV2 is limited to 256MB and each time Apple decides to push a new app to it (like Netflix) there is less free memory for us. Also there is a lot of new code hitting our mainline tree daily and it’s almost impossible to keep an eye on its influences to this closed platform.

This virtual impossibility of maintaining stability while introducing new features and other refactors demanded by technological progress is why we will now stop building our code for this platform.



HD Launcher Apk for MXIII and MXQ Android TV

HD Launcher Apk for MXIII and  MXQ Android TV


Here is the Latest HD Launcher for the mx3 and MXq android tv boxes. It is very easy to use and has a very friendly and clean interface.  Tested on both the Andropid MX3 and the Android MXq boxes. Runs very smooth and it is very colorful. Should work on other boxes but not tested. use at your own risk.


Here is the DOWNLOAD for the Mbox HD Launcher.


Mucky Duck Gorilla Streams Addon Kodi

Mucky Duck Gorilla Streams Addon Kodi

Mucky Duck’s Gorilla Streams addon is now available under his Repo.  This addon is composed of Live TV iptv channels, TV Shows and Movies. It looks like a nice complete setup and the author  will be updating sections on a daily  basis. Looks very promising and again a little past its infant stage so expect more movies and tv shows to come in the future. Again, it has a great iptv live tv set of lists. Follow the instructions below in order to install.

Gorilla kodim3u


  • SYSTEM > File Manager
  • Add Source
  • Type the following: http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml and click Done
  • Enter a name Source. I call it “.Mucky” The period in front of Mucky puts it on top of list
  • Click OKand go back  to home screen
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Add-Ons
  • Install from zip file
  • .Muckys
  • Repo
  • repository.mdrepo-1.0.1.zip
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • Select Get Add-Ons or Install from Repository (on Isengard)
  • Mucky Ducks Repo
  • Video Add-ons
  • Gorilla Streams
  • Install

Repo: http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml



Revenge kodi Addon Installation

Revenge kodi Addon Installation

The newly released Revenge kodi addon is very interesting. Once installed it pulls live TV channels from your other addons like SportsDevil and Zeus and others. If you don’t have the necessary addons installed it will ask you if you wish to install the add-on when you select a channel.

revenge kodi kodim3u

Below is the repo for the addon. Just Go into kodi and add new source below:



Amazon Fire TV Firestarter 2.7.1 Apk Download

Amazon Fire TV Firestarter 2.7.1 Apk Download


Amazon firestarter 2.7.1

New release to the Badass launcher Firestarter for the Amazon Fire TV.  The new release apk is up to version, Firestarter 2.7.1 so make sure to update.


Below are some of the news changes and features:

  • REAL HOME BUTTON CLICK DETECTION (no “amazon home is top-application”-detection).
  • Even double-home-clicks are captured!!
  • Completely configurable actions for startup-, home-button-single-click or home-button-double-click.
  • Default: Starts itself on FireTV-Startup.
  • Default: Starts itself when Home-Button is single-clicked.
  • Default: Starts amazon home when Home-Button is double-clicked (actually does nothing as amazon home is the default action for home-button clicks).
  • You can e.g. start Kodi on double-click and FireStarter on single-click.
  • Also possible is to keep up the default behaviour (” – No Action – “) on a single-click (amazon home is starting) and to open e.g. FireStarter on a double-click.
  • Lists all user-installed apps including sideloaded / adb installed apps.
  • Apps can be easily sorted by click-drag-and-drop (long-click to start drag-and-drop).
  • Apps can be hidden from app drawer (see settings).
  • Possibility to change the time of no action the FireTV waits to go to sleep.
  • Possibility to import / export settings.
  • Automatic update mechanism.
  • No root required!
  • ElSabio78

Kodi Lambda Genesis Addon 4.8.5 released

Lambda Just released Genesis 4.8.5, It has updated and fix many bugs from the prior version. Genesis just keeps getting better everyday.

The Lambda repo has several great addons aside from the Genesis. Like  HD movie source, Movienight, Movnet . Here are some changes that were made to  Genesis 4.8.5 include:

  • Added Movienight source.
  • Removed Sweflix source.
  • Updated available sources.
  • Updated available resolvers.
  • Code cosmetics.

This follows Genesis 4.8.4, which had the following updates:

  • Re-work of navigation
  • Updated available sources
  • Updated available resolvers
  • Fixed Portuguese and Brazilian subtitle search
  • Added option for converting subtitles to UTF-9
  • Added documentaries section
  • Tweaked Genesis cache full timeout calculation
  • Added Russian translation
  • Added confirmation in download manager
  • Fixed naming issue in download manager
  • Fixed issue with views detection
  • Tweaked context menus
  • Code cosmetics.

Just do a force refresh on the Lambda repo in order to force update.


Here is also their Github Download



Must have! Best Kodi isengard Addons For July 2015.

 Must have! Best Kodi isengard Addons For July 2015. 

Here is a short video with the latest must have addons for Kodi xbmc or Isengard. The best addons for Movies, TV Shows and Live TV. With this list you do not need anything else. So go ahead and take a look.


Mucky Duck FUBAR F.U.B.A.R Addon kodi Isengard

Mucky Duck FUBAR F.U.B.A.R Addon kodi Isengard


mucky duck F.u.b.a.r addon

Mucky Duck has several addons and wizard available for free to the public. His latest FUBAR or f.U.B.A.R addon is a great one to have. You will find everything from movies, sports and tv shows. You can also find his other well known addons like, Netmov, stream engine, watchseries, Mucks Ducks Wizard and a few others.

To install follow these steps:

Go into your Kodi Isengard system and below it select file manager

Click add source

For path enter: http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml/

And for name enter: Mucky Duck

Click save.

You can now go into system, addons, install from zip and scroll to Mucky Duck. Here

you can install the wizard or just the addons.






Operation Robocop 2 Kodi Isengard Addon

Operation Robocop 2 Kodi Isengard Addon

operation robocop


New live TV addon for kodi Isengard. Operation Robocop Ultimate 2 has Tons of Sports, Live TV shows and Movies. Just download file and got into:



install from zip

point to Plugin.video.operationrobocop.zip and install.

by ElSabio78

Android TV Cartoon HD apk Kodi

Android TV Cartoon HD apk Kodi

An updated Cartoon HD apk  just released. The cartoon HD for kodi Isengard is currently down. This has the same toons as the plugin just an apk version. Make sure to  go in to Settings > Security > Enable ‘Unknown sources’ to allow will allow third-party applications. So just download and go to your app installer and enjoy. Works on any android tv and Amazon fire TV.

cartoon hd


by ElSabio78




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