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Online File Storage: Back Up and Access Your Files From Anywhere


Every computer user knows that data backup is absolutely vital to keeping their personal / professional files and folders safe. Such precious files may include family photos, videos, banking details, emails, contacts etc. In today's cyber age, it is nearly impossible to avoid contact with viruses, hijackers, spyware infections, bots, worms, or identity thieves among other online threats.

Apart from cyber threats, there are hard drive failures, computer crashes, file corruption, accidental deletions, and catastrophic damages such as floods or theft etc. which add to the risk of data loss. Those who do not back up their data are hence at great risk of becoming victims to data loss.

Despite being aware of all these threats, many of us do not back up our data. Some of us rely on external hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, or CDs etc. for our data backup needs. Backing up on hard drives is a matter of concern. Facts collected from various sources confirm that one in four hard drives crashes, causing irrecoverable data loss. Pen drives are no better than hard drives as they get corrupted easily. If these facts are to be believed, then users could end up spending up to $ 70,000 on recovering data from a crashed hard drive. It is a 1000 time more than of what is spent on storing your data online.

However, today there are more data backup and restore options available to us than ever before. Online file storage, aka cloud storage is one such option. Online file storage is the best contemporary, yet secure method of backing up and restoring data.

Online storage allows you to store your data on a cloud server, and is an increasingly becoming a popular technology. You can retrieve your data anytime you want to your computer or mobile device. Besides, whenever you add or delete files on your computer, your database on the cloud server automatically updates itself without requiring you to go through a manual update procedure like you would need to do with external hard drives or CDs etc.

Online storage is as simple and easy as browsing the Internet or Googling or Binging. Online storage typically comes with an application that you have to install like any other program on your computer and then start using it. It is just as easy to install as your antivirus program or any other add-on.

It comes with many features and benefits enabling you to have no reason to forgo backing up your data on a routine basis. It's simply because you do not have to do anything. In fact, you do not even have to remember to do anything. With online file storage, you can schedule automatic backups. You can save time and a great deal of money that you would otherwise be spending on buying external hard drives or CDs etc. and keeping them safe.

Compared to external backup media, online storage is safe, secure, affordable, and fast. Considering the critical data backup needs of customers, various companies Microsoft like, Google, and Amazon among others have begun to offer online data backup solutions that allow them to keep their data in cloud servers.

Online File Storage Features include:

· Easy to install and use (user-friendly)

· Back up as much data as you want according to your plan and needs

· Restore and share your data whenever you want

· It's secure and safe with SSL encryption and Secure FTP technologies

· Schedule auto-backups and automatically sync all the files and folders

· Edit / re-edit your data when needed

· Access your data from a web browser on a computer connected to the Internet or a mobile phone

· Map and manage your data according to your online storage plan

· Create individual accounts for other people in your home or office to create a workgroup

· Email alert provision whenever a file is modified, deleted or uploaded

· Integration with third-party programs for smooth operation

· Back up all different versions of the same files

· Share large files easily with friends and family

· No need to email the entire file, you can just share the link and that's it!

Considering today's scenario and the nature of business, an individual and business may have different data backup needs. Online file storage help are designed to live up to the expectations of both individual and business users.


Source by Shyamasrisen See

Store 100 GB of Files – Music and Video at an Online Storage Provider and Make It Work


If keeping everything online, I could access my music at work (working in a cubicle, you need to put your earphones in now and then to get some privacy) or my videos during business travelling (ever been to France and stayed at a hotel and trying to watch a movie? Don’t even think about it! Everything is dubbed) or even on the airplane (I would love to test streaming on my next long-haul flight). And my documents – I always want them available!

So this is my search for a service that provides me to put my 100 GB of documents/music/video online and access it from anywhere – anytime. Will any provider enable me to do this today or do I need to come back next year?

So let’s break down my requirements:

  • 100 GB of space – what’s the price? Since I guess no one offers this for free (yet)
  • Price reasonable and prize available on their webpage. When I mean reasonable it should be cheaper than setting up a server yourself and putting it in some co-location datacenter which can go for as low as around $400 a year for 1U
  • Must have free trial-period for testing
  • Reasonable limits – 1 GB files should be allowed and reasonable transfer limits. Last thing I want is that I need a document and can’t download it because I just streamed some music.
  • Files easily accessible from my desktop. It shouldn’t take me much more time to access the files than it does today
  • Serious business – Last thing I want is my files stored on cheap IDE-disks without backup or slow Internet pipes or a funky businees handling my private files

Also, maybe this is a little bit too much to ask, but I would also like it accessible with SMB/SAMBA/CIFS, XBMSP or ReplayTV since that’s what XBMC supports.

When looking at the first requirement, it rules out most of the suppliers out there. When choosing which one to check, I used the Free Online Storage list on lights.com and Tech Crunch article. There’s an additional link to a list at the Online Storage-section at www.myuninstalledlife.com.

AllMyData 100 GB $120 Coming soon

Biscu.com No limit $1800 Unreasonable price

Data Deposit Box No limit $12000 Unreasonable price

Diino 100 GB $960 Unreasonable price

Dropsend 250 GB $912 Unreasonable price

Elephantdrive No limit Free

FilesAnywhere 100 GB $2140 Unreasonable price

FlipDrive 100 GB $199

GlobalDrive 100 GB $6800 Unreasonable price

IBackup 200 GB $2000 Unreasonable price

Mediamax 1 TB $60

OmnistarDrive No limit $47880 Unreasonable price

Strongspace 160 GB $2436 Unreasonable price

If I’ve missed anyone – please comment on this post!

So this leaves only 3 competitors: Elephantdrive, FlipDrive and Mediamax. Not many considering the 50-80 suppliers I’ve checked. Let’s look at them a little bit closer:


Elephantdrive works so that you download and install a client called ElephantDesktop. You start the application and login. Then you either select to do a backup or upload a specific item. When backing up you select your whole drive or specific filetypes. These kind of jobs can also be run at specific intervals. When uploading a specific item you can simply do drag’n’drop.

Elephantdrive is more of a backup/restore application where you can backup files at a scheduled basis and restore if necessary. So it’s not meant for active day-to-day usuage. For backup/restore it does the job – and better off – it’s completely free with no limit (for now during the beta anyway)! So if you’re looking for backing up your data but only accessing it when something has gone wrong – check it out. For day-to-day usuage – you better look at some other service.


Flipdrive features a webinterface which is quite nice and fast. You can browse directories in a tree just like Windows Explorer. When uploading you can select the basic uploading where you add file by file or a power upload (java) where you can select multiple files by holding down the shift. Both features a progress bar which gives you the KBs/time left.

You can search through your drive and you have a nice feature called “Photo Albums” where you can add pictures to different albums you create. You also have a simple personal Address Book and Calendar.

So how does it work if I would switch to Flipdrive for day-to-day usuage? Well firstly, it’s quite slow. Don’t get me wrong, the interface is fast but not as compared to using your local storage. When you click files you get the typical “Open With…” or “Save To…” when so you can choose to always open your media files with a Media Player. You can cut’n’paste files, rename files, delete files, send files (it will send a link via e-mail). With MP3’s you can mark the file and choose Play and it will play the file using the Flipdrive Player so you don’t have to download the file before playing. This doesn’t work for AVI’s though. If you want to watch an AVI you have to download the complete file first and then play it in your ordinary mediaplayer.


MediaMax offers a similar file manager webinterface as Flipdrive. You can create folders, move files, edit, send files (either as a link or the actual files).

You also have some tabs with some specific feature:

  • Video Share and Photo Share enables you to create albums, view them, tag them and share with others
  • TV & Movie Locker enables you to upload videos and categorize them, create playlists, download and view
  • Music Locker enables you to upload music, play, create playlists and lists music by albums, genre and artists
  • Mail. You also have an e-mail address at Mediamax

Upload is pretty straightforward and there’s a java multi-file uploader featuring drag’n’drop from Explorer. You have a progressbar during upload. However, it can take some time from upload until the files are added to your directories.

So how does it work if I would switch to Mediamax for day-to-day usuage? The speed is much like Flipdrive, but I do get annoyed with the delay from upload until the files are actually published to your account.

The Video and Photo features are quite nice to organize your collection of videos and photos. It includes thumbnails and you can tag everything and create albums and add videos to certain albums and view them directly.

You can play music files directly from your online storage and it will stream rather than download using your locally installed player like Winamp but you can also download if you want. Using the Music Locker you can add music to playlists and stream certain playlists.

My conslusion of this study:

As of writing in September 2006 – I can make the following conclusions to my study: I wouldn’t say that any online storage provider would be able to replace my local storage. Why?

  • The interfaces are too slow. If I would replace my local storage they have to be faster and more reliable./li>
  • Not as easy as local storage to access your files. You have to go to your personal online storage, login and so on. There are solutions such as Omnidrive that lets you mount the drive in Explorer, but it’s not yet public and has no pricing on 100 GB
  • Usability compared to local storage is low. For example, you don’t have all drag’n’drop capabilites. For as with videofiles you can’t simply click them and the video starts within a few seconds. Often, you have to download them first.

I know all these demands are too much to ask for the services today but that’s what I want! That is what is needed to enable me to give up my local storage. And I guess I simply have to come back in 2007 and see if the services out there have evolved. I’m sure that some day I can throw my local harddrive out the window and just keep that bootable flash drive in my local PC.

If I had to decide on a winner I would say Mediamax – because of some nice exclusive features.


Source by Jonas Back

Ways to Organize Movie Files


If you need to organize movie files, you will want to have a system in place before you get started. In having a system in place, all you need to do is to make sure the videos or files are put into the proper categories or order. While this might seem to be simple, some people have a hard time when they realize they need to organize movie files. They find they are much more comfortable having no system at all or they feel they are more effective when they are simply using different systems for different needs. But having one consistent system will not only help you become organized now, it can help you stay organized for the long haul.

Physical Organization Containers are Limited

Those who don’t own a lot of movies may find that physical storage system can help organize movie files in DVD form. For example, those DVD towers work well when you have 50 or less DVDs, but this is not the case in most homes. You probably have far more than the physical limitations of the systems can hold. To ensure that you are able to expand your DVD collection, you might need to convert to movie files on your computer or you will need to buy more shelving to keep up. This can quickly take up your home with rows of DVD cases.

Computer File Systems are Fair

If you just want to use your computer at the basic level, you can still organize movie files. You might want to create a few folders which will allow you to put different genres of films in different areas of your computer. In addition, you will then be able to change the folders as you see fit and you can see where your movies are at any time. That said, when you store the actual movie files on your computer, you will eventually run out of room for these files. And then you end up in the same mess that you would with physical organization containers.

Software Systems are Best

For those who are on their computer often and just like the virtues of a virtual storage system, you might want to look into a software system to organize movie files. These programs merely need to be installed onto a computer and then it will arrange the movies as you desire. While you will have to enter in the names of the files, you will find that you are able to manage larger file system with much less effort. For those who are concerned about whether these systems are best for them, many software companies offer free trials for you to try out on your own. They can be manipulated to fit any number of needs and parameters.

With a software program to organize movie files, you can begin to label your files and begin to sort out your media collection in a far more effective way than you have in the past.


Source by Maxim Smirnov

Ideal File Finder Tool

Ideal File Finder Tool


Looking for a file is quick due to the fact you know that there are created in features on your technique that will let you to get the data files that you need on time. However, this is only applicable for individuals who have a number of data files on heir hard drives. What if you have hundreds and hundreds of data files in your laptop? This will imply that you will need to allocate hours and hours from your time just to be equipped to track down the files that you need. There are also difficulties that may arise these types of as the laptop slowing down or it even freezes. Hence, you are demanded to restart it. This signifies that you will have to go by way of the system of discovering the data files you are demanded to carry to your workplace at the time all over again. If this is a big dilemma on your section, you will need a very good file finder device to assistance you.

Fairly definitely, when you look for for the file finder device on the world wide web, you will come across that there are hundreds of them if not hundreds. This can of study course be tricky due to the fact you are unable to test every single and every single a single of them just so you can make a decision as to which amid them you need to make use of. In this case, you will need to consider the doc locator program. This is not truly troublesome due to the fact you will only need to glance at and have an understanding of the features of the program that you would like to use. This will assistance you determine which amid the many plans available can execute the occupation very well for you.

So what need to glance for in a file finder device? Initially is that it need to warranty that it can give you speedy and exact benefits. Most of the time, there are applications that can be downloaded that truly give swift outcomes. However, they are not specific in their checklist of the data files. On the very same way, there are also other people that can give exact benefits and still they just take time in exhibiting them. This is why these two need to generally go together. Subsequent is that you need to glance at its interface. It need to be pretty quick to use so that even individuals who are not adept in working with desktops can manipulate the overall browsing plan. You can by now see irrespective of whether the software is sophisticated or not by just viewing the screenshots for it. This will let you to effectively evaluate the utility.

The file finder device need to also serve as the duplicate remover. Extra normally than not, these applications are used in order for the consumers to see irrespective of whether there are duplicate data files on their technique. They need to give you with the preference of irrespective of whether or not you would like to retain the duplicates or if you want to discard them from your laptop. This is pretty helpful as it will save time in manually likely around a single file at a time. You need to also be permitted to accessibility the data files when they come up in the displayed benefits so that you can check out if they are truly the kinds that you are hunting for.


Source by Sam Miller

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