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How to create a Kodi iptv-add-on best tutorial on youtube

How to create a Kodi iptv-add-on best tutorial on youtube

How to create a Kodi iptv-add-on the best tutorial on youtube. Below are a basic sampl addon in python and also attached is a master addon that you can edit at will just by following this video tutorial. Do not give up and stick to it. It is not as hard as you think. Good luck! xbmc addon


Master Addon- http://adf.ly/1aNMyc

Como crear tu propio addon para Kodi.


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IPV 728×90 (set 2)

Best Boxes for Kodi

Bass Fox Addon kodi IPTV

Bass Fox Addon kodi IPTV

Bass fox is now free for everyone to use. It has a nice selection of IPTV premium Channels for your kodi or Jarvis 16 setup. Works great on Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire Tv, M8 and pretty much any box out there.


Download: repository.BassFox-Official-1.3.5

Facebook: Xbmc Tips And tricks https://www.facebook.com/groups/565124710285772/
Forum: http://xbmcm3u.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miniboxpro

Kodi CODEC INFO overlay To Fix buffering

Kodi CODEC INFO overlay To Fix buffering

Cool read from Kevin B. and Wiki. Buffering?? If you hit the “O” (oh) key on the keyboard, while playing a vid, it will bring up CODEC INFO overlay. This will let you monitor the size of the buffer file that the host is serving you. Typically, if your buffer cache file size is staying at zero, the server, at that current time, isn’t capable of serving enough bandwidth to fill the buffer. If you have your buffer set to 50 Mb and the buffer file size is staying at 50, the server has ample bandwidth resources to fill you cache. You can adjust the buffer size all you want to but if the host server can’t fill your cache, changing the settings won’t help it.Wiki

At times, bandwidth resources for a server will speed up and slow down multiple times, like its serving in occasional “burst mode.” A larger cache setting will help get you past the slower periodic speeds but if the server doesn’t ever get bursts of bandwidth, a large cache setting still won’t help.

For advanced settings addon to adjust the buffering. Get it here:

Kinkin repo: http://adf.ly/1SXyWO

And here are a few settings to try

For Fire TV Use:

CacheMemBuffer: 157286400
Buffermode: 1

For Android TV Or Nvidia Shield use:

CacheMembuffer:  209715200
Buffermode: 1
ReadBuffer: 4.0

Here is also a quick video tutorial on how to setup advanced settings addon and configure. Remember to use the correct settings for your device.


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Forum: http://xbmcm3u.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miniboxpro


ALLTV.ch Addon kodi Isengard Setup

ALLTV.ch Addon kodi Isengard Setup

alltv.ch addon kodi

Another descent addon for live Tv for the arsenal. Iy has a nice selection of Sports, Movies , kids and regular Tv channels. To install just download from the Xunity repo.  To install ALLTV.ch:

If you have the below xunity Talk repo, all you need to do is go into:

System, addons, Get addons, XunityTalk, Video addons and click to install.


or direct donwload Xunitalk repo:   Download and go into



install From Zip and point it to download

Then, go into Get addons, Xunity talk, Video addons and click ALLTV.ch and install. Enjoy



XBMC4Xbox 3.5.1 For Original xbox Is out!

XBMC4Xbox 3.5.1 For Original xbox Is out!

Finally a stable version of XBMC for the original console is out! You can now update your old xbox and install a fully functional xbmc. Xbmc is now known as kodi and it comes from two different groups. Although, xbmc originated on the xbox by the creators of kodi and they no longer upkeep that project.   So wipe the dust off that xbox and let’s get it Cranking!

xbmcforxbox kodim3u.com

Here is their official information release:

Default XBMC4Xbox 3.5 (new update)

XBMC4Xbox 3.5

home site
Download Links:
Links are hidden from guests. Please register to be able to view these links.
After more than a year’s work since v3.3, we are very pleased to announce XBMC4Xbox version v3.5. A large number of new features and improvements have been made since v3.3, including the integration of Python 2.7, improved video playback, updates to the skinning engine, scraper fixes, and plenty of bug fixes.
Key improvements:
Python 2.7 & API improvements

Python support in XBMC4Xbox has been overhauled, with the out of date Python 2.4 replaced with Python 2.7. This update, along with the addition of some missing API functions brings much better compatibility with Kodi (Formerly XBMC) plugins. The Addons4Xbox installer has also been updated, allowing many plugins written for Kodi to work right out of the box. The Python 2.7 update also brings performance improvements, and comes with fully working libraries for sqlite3, and SSL amongst others.
DVDPlayer updates

DVDPlayer (The main video player in XBMC4Xbox) has received numerous changes, including having the FFMpeg core libraries updated to v1.2.8 which brings a variety of new codecs, bug-fixes, and optimisations from the previous 0.10.x version. The libraries used for DVD navigation have also been updated which should bring better compatibility with problematic DVD menus.
Scraper fixes and clean-ups

We had a lot of broken and unmaintained scrapers with the previously version of XBMC4Xbox. With the 3.5 release only a few are included, but they are all maintained and working. We have scrapers for themoviedb.org, thetvdb.org as well as theaudiodb.org for music. Please do support and contribute to these open database projects, as the content and results are only as good as the information people have contributed.
PAPlayer updates

PAPlayer (the core audio player in XBMC4Xbox) has received some updates since the last version of XBMC4Xbox. DVDPlayer’s FFMpeg libraries are now used for decoding of some audio formats which means some of the old out of date libraries we used previously are no longer needed. This simplifies maintenance, and brings with it better performance and compatibility. The FFMpeg libraries are now used for OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3,and DTS.
Skinning improvements

A variety of improvements have been backported from Kodi for the skin engine. This allows skins and features for Kodi to be more easily implemented. Thanks to the skin developers who requested changes/features and helped with testing. We currently ship with the same selection of skins as with v3.3 – Confluence Lite, Confluence, Project Mayhem III, and the PM3HD skin, but more can be found on the skin development section of our forum (such as the excellent Xbox Extended skin from Dom).
New branding

Thanks to SwedishGojira we now have our own project branding – our new XBMC4Xbox logo is used on our project site as well as for the XBMC4Xbox boot-up splash. Since the renaming of XBMC to Kodi, there has been some discussion regarding our name. I can confirm we are keeping the name XBMC4Xbox for our project. Changing it now would just introduce more confusion.
Transifex integration

Thanks to Kodi and their useful tools for handling translations, we are now using the on-line service Transifex to manage translations for the project. This means anyone who wants to help improve translations can now go and sign up over at https://www.transifex.com/organization/xbmc4xbox and start translating the software to their favourite language via the easy to use web interface. The updated translations can then be merged back into the XBMC4Xbox code base by us.
Bug fixes

There have been many bug fixes around the software with around 44 issues on the bugtracker resolved/fixed as well as more reported via the forum. Thanks to all those that have reported bugs, provided fixes & patches, and helped with testing.

As well as the key features above, many other changes have been made with a lot of backported features and fixes from Kodi. Thanks to Team Kodi for creating our favourite media center software Thanks also to all those who help and contribute to our project and forum.

Revenge kodi Addon Installation

Revenge kodi Addon Installation

The newly released Revenge kodi addon is very interesting. Once installed it pulls live TV channels from your other addons like SportsDevil and Zeus and others. If you don’t have the necessary addons installed it will ask you if you wish to install the add-on when you select a channel.

revenge kodi kodim3u

Below is the repo for the addon. Just Go into kodi and add new source below:



How to Integrate Genesis with Kodi Library

How to Integrate Genesis with Kodi  Library

How to Integrate your Genesis with your Movie Library.

Select VIDEOS > Add-Ons

Select Genesis

Select Tools

Select GENESIS : Library

Highlight – DO NOT SELECT – “GENESIS : TV folder”  for Movies you would select Genesis : Movie folder

Open the Context Menu & select Set content

Select This directory contains

Scroll until it says “This directory contains TV Shows” if doing the movie section keep selecting until it says “This directory contains Movies”

Select OK

Select YES

Kodi will now start scanning IMDB for matching TV Shows.

For  Movies you must wait for the scan to complete otherwise the Set Content section will not show.

Modify message

Operation Robocop 2 Kodi Isengard Addon

Operation Robocop 2 Kodi Isengard Addon

operation robocop


New live TV addon for kodi Isengard. Operation Robocop Ultimate 2 has Tons of Sports, Live TV shows and Movies. Just download file and got into:



install from zip

point to Plugin.video.operationrobocop.zip and install.

by ElSabio78

Aeon MQ6 Skin Kodi

Aeon MQ6 Skin Kodi

Finally, it is officially here! The long time expected Aeon MQ6 skin is out. Running with a lot less resources than the Aeon MQ5 and much more customizable  settings. Take a look and download below, before anyone else does. Also, ElSabio78 will be releasing a mix of kids and adult custom skins. Keep an eye out.



aeon mq6 skin iptvxbmc


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