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IceFilms Addon Updated Kodi Review

IceFilms Addon Updated Kodi Review

The icefilms addon has been update along with the changes on the icefilms.info, thanks to Eldorado for keeping it updated so we can continue to watch. Yes, icefilms and 1channel still rocking it hard. These addons have been put through the ringer, and no drama! They just straight up deliver and work all of the time. Thanks to the devs.

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Kodi Icefilms Addon Update Fix

Kodi Icefilms Addon Update Fix


icefilms addon kodi 1.5


Icefilms has released a new update that fixes the addon by Eldorado. You can download the addon below. plugin.video.icefilms-1.15.0 


Icefilms Github Download




[B]v1.15.0 (Tuesday, 06 October 2015):[/B]
– Added resume support
– Fixed HugeFile resolver
– Fixed issue (hopefully) with occasional error (_getitem_) when loading list of sources
[B]v1.14.0(Friday, 02 October 2015):[/B]
– Small fix to catch and bypass errors encountered with ad’s
[B]v1.13.0(Friday, 25 September 2015):[/B]
– Fixed ClicknUpload resolver
– Fixed 180Uploads resolver
– Small bug fix in tv show episodes listing
[B]v1.12.0(Friday, 11 September 2015):[/B]
– Small update to help fix Ice Ads
[B]v1.11.0(Tuesday, 8 September 2015):[/B]
– Fixed syntax error with MySQL table creation
– Added referrer when grabbing Icefilms ads to ensure impressions are hit

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