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Kodi CODEC INFO overlay To Fix buffering

Kodi CODEC INFO overlay To Fix buffering

Cool read from Kevin B. and Wiki. Buffering?? If you hit the “O” (oh) key on the keyboard, while playing a vid, it will bring up CODEC INFO overlay. This will let you monitor the size of the buffer file that the host is serving you. Typically, if your buffer cache file size is staying at zero, the server, at that current time, isn’t capable of serving enough bandwidth to fill the buffer. If you have your buffer set to 50 Mb and the buffer file size is staying at 50, the server has ample bandwidth resources to fill you cache. You can adjust the buffer size all you want to but if the host server can’t fill your cache, changing the settings won’t help it.Wiki

At times, bandwidth resources for a server will speed up and slow down multiple times, like its serving in occasional “burst mode.” A larger cache setting will help get you past the slower periodic speeds but if the server doesn’t ever get bursts of bandwidth, a large cache setting still won’t help.

For advanced settings addon to adjust the buffering. Get it here:

Kinkin repo: http://adf.ly/1SXyWO

And here are a few settings to try

For Fire TV Use:

CacheMemBuffer: 157286400
Buffermode: 1

For Android TV Or Nvidia Shield use:

CacheMembuffer:  209715200
Buffermode: 1
ReadBuffer: 4.0

Here is also a quick video tutorial on how to setup advanced settings addon and configure. Remember to use the correct settings for your device.


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