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Cloud Movies Addon Kodi

Cloud Movies Addon Kodi

Looking for random, old, classic movies than this is the addon you need for your build with multiple links to
choose from.

Mr. Entertainment Repository


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Kodi 16.0 beta 3 Jarvis 16

Kodi 16.0 beta 3 Jarvis 16


With this announcement we are releasing beta 3. Why the rapid succession of these releases you might wonder? By doing more more releases in the shorter period we reduce the amount of changes that are included in each one. Instead of a huge list of changes it now only has several which gives a better overview. The advantage of that is possible regressions get picked up way faster and that you as user also get the benefit of not having to wait a long time to get these fixes.

This Release Early Release Often (RERO) is what we as a team have decided to go forward with as we see the benefits of this approach. Our developers don’t have to wait a very long time before their features get included in a release and you a user will also get to try them out without having to wait many months. Enough about the RERO approach as we’ll soon devote a special review about this.

Fixes done in this beta 3:

  • • Fixed: non-working touch input in file manager
  • • Fixed: workaround for MySQL 5.7.x query optimizer changes
  • • Fixed: remove broken musicvideo scraper
  • • Fixed: don’t show “sync playback to display” option on Android as it’s not supported
  • • Fixed: fix codepage for Korean language input
  • • Fixed: added workaround for triggering repository updates during playback
  • • Fixed: fix crash in PVR calling the context menu
  • • Fixed: show OK dialog instead of empty list clicking on the update button in add-on information panel
  • • Fixed: several coverity and cppcheck code analysis problems
  • • Fixed: time sometimes jumped backwards on playing bluray m2ts files and fixes stutter on switching files
  • • Fixed: several issues regarding music library
  • • Fixed: timer and EPG handling in PVR
  • • Fixed: crashing on cleaning up events
  • • Fixed: don’t show brightness/contrast controls when using Android MediaCodec (Surface)
  • • Fixed: dont invalidate art for addons that are new or not updated since last fetch
  • • Fixed: Android stylus devices don’t respond on input
  • • Fixed: segfault when ADSP is enabled in settings
  • • Fixed: missing art when playing something from a music add-on
  • • Fixed: variety of cleanups and problems for AMLogic chips
  • • Fixed: fixed possible directory traversal bug due to insufficient url checking
  • • Fixed: handling of media key on Android
  • • Changed: add support for pre-gzipped addons.xml in repositories which should considerably reduce repository traffic
  • • Changed: remove “add source”from Programs section

Visit the other announcements listed below for previous beta fixes.

A lot of changes went in Kodi 16. Removing old code, splitting up parts in more logical chunks and making it all more resilient to future changes. All these changes are part of a massive change list that only makes sense to developers actually knowing what the source code does. In short we will no bother you all with summing up the list. It’s just something that is worth mentioning that not all improvements have to be actual features and are visible to users. We prefer that the program actually works than adding bells and whistles.

Known problems in this beta

As with all developments we sometimes hit problems that need a little more time. One of the known problems is using profiles. With the splitting of skin settings we hit a small regression that affects users who are using the profile feature. Switching will possible cause your profile to be reset so in case you use this feature we suggest to not upgrade to this version. There is currently a fix pending for this but we could use some help testing. If you have problem regarding the profile switching not keeping your skin settings you can get a test build here: LINK. Please comment in that forum thread if you still encounter problems or if it has been fixed. Please limit comments to only this particular problem.

Improvements so far in version 16

More in depth information can be found through the following links about the 16 release.


General: So far in version 16 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham, Helix and Isengard then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work.

Skins: Sadly due to the amount of changes we’ll have to announce that skins will have certain parts non working. This beta will mark any version 15 skin as incompatible and will ask you to switch back to Confluence. This means that for you to continue using Kodi 16.0 you will have to switch back to Confluence or wait till the skin you use has been updated in our repository. Good new however is that a variety of skin have already start updating to latest changes.
The following skins are already updated for version 16 and will auto-update when you upgrade. We’re sure more will follow soon.

  • • Black Glass Nova
  • • Chroma
  • • Confluence
  • • Eunique
  • • Mimic
  • • Nebula
  • • Rapier
  • • re-Touched
  • • Titan
  • • Transparency!
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