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Where to Watch UFC 194 on Kodi Aldo vs McGregor Live

Where to Watch UFC 194 on Kodi where to watch UFC 194 on Kodi? kodim3u has multiple addons that will be hosting the fight  Aldo vs McGregor on Kodi.

UFC 194 takes place December 12, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and features both Featherweight and Middleweight title fights between Jose Aldo vs Connor McGregor and Chris Weidman vs Luke Rockhold. Have a look at the card below and then scroll down to find a bunch of places where you can watch UFC 194 on your Kodi JArvis 16 setup.


Where to watch UFC 194 Aldo Vs McGregor on Kodi

Here are the best addons for Kodi and Jarvis 16.


Main Card  Weight classMethodRoundTimeNotesFeatherweight

J osé Aldo (c)vs.Conor McGregor (ic)[a]

MiddleweightChris Weidman (c)vs.Luke Rockhold[b

]MiddleweightRonaldo Souzavs.Yoel Romero

WelterweightDemian Maiavs.Gunnar Nelson

FeatherweightMax Hollowayvs.Jeremy Stephens

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

BantamweightUrijah Fabervs.Frankie Saenz

Women’s StrawweightTecia Torresvs.Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger

WelterweightWarlley Alvesvs.Colby Covington

LightweightLeonardo Santosvs.Kevin Lee

ufc 194 fight card


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Best repos and Addons Kodi Isengard Setup

Best repos and Addons Kodi Isengard Setup


best kodi addons


The number of addons and repos for Kodi Isengard just keep coming out everyday. A lot of them do not even last but a few days. The main well known names tend to stay up the latest. But you do have these none self updating addons or deprecated,  that are worth a lick.  I mean, there are just not that many Genesis and Mashups out there! Although there are a few other good ones, like The Mutts Nutts, Movie Night, Phoenix (W/ new Rockcrusher section),Navi-x, Sportsdevil and a few other. I gues for the most part the IPTV addons go to hell as they are a pain to maintain and everybody wants everything free or to just snag their code. Enough of me ranting!


Below is a list of must have repos:

  1. XFinityhttp://xunitytalk.com/xfinity
  2. SuperRepo (SRP): http://srp.nu
  3. TotalXBMC: http://i.totalxbmc.tv
  4. MetalKettle: http://kodi.metalkettle.co
  5. No Issue: http://solved.no-issue.ca
  6. Jas0npc: http://jas0npc.pcriot.com
  7. Mucky: http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml
  8. Megatron: http://transform.mega-tron.tv
  9. Tecbox: http://tecbox.tv/repo/install
  10. IWF: http://iwillfolo.com/iwf
  11. Husham: http://repo.husham.com
  12. Husham2: http://husham.x10host.com
  13. LihatTV: http://lihattv.com/install
  14. ShadowCrew: http://shadowcrew.info/shadows
  15. Renegades: http://renegades.x10host.com/
  16. MTLFreeTV: http://upgrades.montrealandroidtv.com/
  17. TugaFree: http://www.tugafree.hostei.com
  18. KangoTek: http://kangotek.com/repo
  19. IPTVCanada: http://iptvcanada-usa.net84.net
  20. Halow: http://halow.x10.bz
  21. Zeus: http://zeusrepo.com/zeus
  22. Diavoletto: http://diavolettotv-repo.16mb.com
  23. Husham3http://repo.husham.com/repo/
  24. AppNetTVhttp://cloud.appnettv.com

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