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Stream All The Soutces SALT Addon has been updated with more options.

kodi salts addon


The main difference between Stream All The Sources and Genesis is that SALTs grabs its metadata from Trakt, while Genesis uses IMDB. Other than that, both are used as an interface to TV show and movies. Many of the same HD sources appear in both add-ons!

Stream All The Sources works best with the Trakt add-on, which allows you to track your favorite shows and movies and what you’ve watched. Sync your Trakt account with your Trakt add-on in Kodi and to the Trakt settings in SALTs to take advantage of all features.

The new Stream All The Sources 1.0.59 update fixes and adds numerous scrapers. If you are unfamiliar, a scraper is a script that runs in the background of SALTs that allows it to interface with various streaming sites on the internet. It uses these scrapers to pull content and links for every TV show and movie into the Stream All The Sources 1.0.59 add-on. Streaming sites are constantly tweaking their back-end, which requires updates to the scrapers in order for them to work correctly.

SALTs 1.0.59 Change Log

  • Add delete trakt bookmark function
  • Fix trakt resume when 0
  • Improve sezon scraper
  • Improve alluc scraper
  • Improve dd.tv scraper
  • Fix dizigold scraper
  • Fix movietv.to scraper
  • Fix moviesonline7 scraper
  • Fix mintmovies scraper
  • Fix pubfilm scraper
  • Fix 2movies scraper
  • Fix flixanity scraper
  • Fix zumvo scraper
  • Improve moviefarsi scraper
  • Fix/Improve xmovies8 scraper
  • Fix exception when runtime is None
  • Only import urlresolver when needed
  • Fix path building for movies

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