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IPTV Stalker Implementing Username and Password

IPTV Stalker Implementing Username and Password

The server is going to be implementing username/password authentication very soon. This means IPTV stalker is going to stop working unless someone can update it it with the necessary requirements.. pvr.stalker and pvr.stalker.nfps are ready for this change.

I also suggest updating to kodi 16.. it is still in beta i know, but its going to be out of beta fairly soon i think, looking at their previous releases track records.. I am not sure if pvr.stalker.nfps will be updated for kodi 15, time to move forward i say, but thats up to dvbken ultimately..

You will be able to get the new version of pvr.stalker.nfps directly form http://epg.ninja . it has not been added just yet, but will be before the switchover..


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