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Is a Satellite TV Descrambling Gadget Worth Your Time?


Your home satellite dish can access two types of signals: free to air and premium. And while the former is just what is it; free, you will need a descrambler to view premium signals and pay-per-view broadcasts.

To understand the need for a satellite descrambler it is important for you to have a basic knowledge about the rudiments of satellite TV.

Signals in the form of electromagnetic waves are transmitted from a big satellite that is in geosynchronous orbit above the earth to your home mini dish. These signals are then passed through a cable to the receiver standing next to your television set. This receiver converts the signals to audio and video which you can then view on your TV screen.

Free to air signals do not need to be descrambled so you can watch it straight away. But encrypted incoming signals needs to be unscrambled before it can be viewed on the television.

It must be said here that the idea of a satellite TV descrambler is just one of the ways the operators earn revenues from subscribers in order to stay afloat because running a satellite TV service is no joke, it is a very capital intensive venture.

Thus in order to make you and other subscribers pay for the interesting programs they are providing, the satellite TV operators encrypt the signals and put the codes up for sale to as many people that wants them.

Any subscriber that pays for either a one off pay-per-view or a long term subscription fee receives a special signal on their set-top boxes which configures the viewing cards to permit the descrambler in the box to decode the signal so that such subscribers can access the program(s).

There is an interesting angle to this however. Have you paused to ask yourself what will happen if you own a satellite TV descrambling gadget?

There is no law that forbids anyone from owning such devices but you are required to inform your satellite TV provider if you will be using it to watch encrypted programs.

Of course they won’t hesitate to send you a bill right away. But the operation of satellite TV encryption is technologically sophisticated that it will be virtually impossible to descramble the signals on your own. This means you shouldn’t even try to descramble it on your own, because you will only end up wasting your time.

So, you get what you pay for. Didn’t they say “money can buy anything?”


Source by Paul Kelly

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