What Is the Legality Of kodi?

What Is the Legality Of kodi?


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There’s an increasing misunderstanding triggered by a few websites and those that sell HTPC products with XBMC now called Kodi Isengard pre-installed. These frequently contain add-ons from we which Kodi wishes to clearly distance themselves, as well as for which Kodi.tv won’t offer support of any sort. We won’t call these add-ons by title.

If however everything appears to become good to be true like watching content (movies and tvshows) free of charge, you can start wondering if it can  be considered legal. In certain nations it may be considered clearly illegal.

It a regretful development that within our eyes, probably the most awesome media center there’s, is clouded by this type of development. These individuals pass a bad name to the developers of Kodi. Xbmc ( Xbox Media Center) as a reminder was made to be to be seen as a media center platform that you provide your personal media.

Kodi.TV wants people to know that they are not part of this groupd and that they only support those developers that submit and get approved by them. Although this is what they want, at the end of the day, Kodi is open source. Being open source, it leaves it wide open for programmers and hackers to modify it and add addons that provide content that lays in gray area. Streaming is not the same as downloading! Be careful though using Torrent streaming though, as Torrents as followed by your isp and you might just get a nice little letter in the mail telling you to stop downloading content. As a rule of thumb I would suggest to feel free to stream and not host the streams. So just stick to your top addons like genesis 5, Navi-x, Movies HD, 1Channel, Icefilms, Movie Night, The Mutts Nutts, Latest sportsdevil addons and so forth.


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