Cable TV Vs Satellite TV: Who Offers the Better Deal?

This year millions of people will make the switch from satellite TV to cable TV and vice versa. So which is better?

First one must understand each company and explore what each has to offer. Almost every provider has the ability to offer great services like (HD) High Definition and (DVR) Digital Video Recorders.

When comparing providers, it’s important to know how many HD Channels and the capacity of the DVR.

Other important factors include the promotion and unique features. It’s very common to get lost in the hype of advertisements, so make sure thorough research is performed prior to any purchase. Promotional offers include various incentives. Here are a few of the most common incentives offered by cable and satellite companies:

• Monthly Programming Discounts (6-24 Months)

• Free Standard Installation

• Free High Definition

• Free Digital Video Recorder

• Free Premium Movie Channels

• Seasonal Sports Offer

• International Programming

• On Demand

• Interactive Services

Unique Offers: Cable TV Vs Satellite TV

For most people, watching TV can be as simple as sitting down and turning on a program for the evening. For those who want more from their service should look at each company’s unique offers to see if they can benefit from one provider over the next.

Cable TV

Whole Home HD-DVR– Record in standard or high-definition in one room and watch in another

Start Over– Restart a show already in progress

Look Back– Watch primetime shows up to 72 hours later instantly

DVR Manager– Search and record shows while away from home

On Demand– Over 10,000 popular movies and shows instantly at your fingertips

Caller ID– Find out who’s calling while watching TV

Satellite TV

Whole Home HD-DVR– Record in standard or high-definition in one room and watch in another all in HD

Primetime Anytime– Watch Primetime Shows up to 8 days later

Remote Access– Search, record and watch shows away from home on your computer or mobile device. Purchase a sling adapter and compatible receiver to enable live TV on the go

On Demand– Over 100,000 popular movies and shows instantly

All Digital TV– Satellite service is always digital so you never have to worry about fuzzy pictures

Customer Satisfaction: Cable Vs Satellite

The estimated outage average for cable is over 3% while the average estimate for satellite is less than 1%

When comes down to the better service. It’s not about which service is better but whether or not the service works for the account holder.

Source by Steven J Keipert