How Good is PC Satellite TV

Many of us out there would like to watch TV on our computers. The issue here is how to do it. There are many free based sites that stream tv programs that are 100% legal. Places like and are a few such sites. The one big issue with these free based ones is they are covered with a billion ads. Well maybe not a billion but many ads. The other thing is most the channels do not work. Hey it’s free so you really can’t expect much.

Anther way to watch tv from your PC is using a device called a sling shot. You need to purchase the sling shot device and set it up on your tv. You connect the device to your high speed internet and then you can tunnel into the device with your pc and watch your TV shows any were in the world as long as you have high speed internet access. It’s not that hard to setup but finding support can be a little hard.

Tivo is another choice. You do not get live tv but you can transfer your tv shows onto your computer and watch them while you are on the road. Tivo has gotten very user friendly over the years and they have good support.

Lastly is a real way to watch over 3000 channels live. You have to purchase a PC Satellite TV program for this but the good news is you don’t have to deal with the all the ads. A few years back I paid a few hundred for a PC to Satellite TV program. Now a days most of the programs are under a hundred bucks and you get free updates. It’s important to keep in mind that out of 3000 channels you will find most are junk. This is the same with cable. How many channels do you really watch? After sifting through a few thousand channels I do have some I watch a few times a week and even more when I’m on the road. They have James Bond Movies, the new Dr Who series over in the UK and those crazy Japanese game shows.

Source by Jacob Erdei