How To Get Satellite TV In Spain For Expats

I have lived in Spain now for over 4 years and it took me a while to figure out how best to go about receiving Sky TV while in Spain. It is not as hard as you may think, the main difference in receiving sky in Spain is only todo with satellite dish required it need to be at least (1.8m in diameter).

You can use your existing digital receiver box that you had in the UK which is cheaper as the many companies in Spain charge a lot for them. The sky card is another important factor and you are again able to used you sky card you used in the UK as long as the digital receiver box is the one you use the card with. If you need sky and satellite installed most commonly at your villa as most apartment complexes have what is called a community system where you can simply plug into like an aerial socket, the dishes can normally be installed anywhere from 250 euros to 500 so it is a good idea to look in the local newspapers for the many Sky TV installers here on the coast.

How is it you can receive the signal even with a large dish?

This is a common question and the reason you can is due to the positioning of the satellite in orbit. It’s direction is pointing South to North so the signal passes over southern europe. The large dish enable it to pick up the weak signal very efficiently.

Do you get channels 5 and other breaking up?

This happens a lot and it need not to, many sky tv installers in Spain do not have the required equipment to align your dish extactly to the incoming signal, they purely point it the right way and hope for the best. A proper digital receiver aligner is required they are costly and only most reputable companies have them.

Sky +

This service is also available you only need what is called the dual LNB so can use the record and view features. You will need a Sky + digital receiver and card todo this. If you require any help installing Sky TV or have any quesions you can get all the details you need in my signature below.

Source by Wayne Zastil Johnson