New Direct To Home Plans in the Market

Direct to Home or DTH is basically a satellite TV broadcasting connected directly through a dish antenna on the roof of your house. This is a relatively new industry in India. However, it is growing by leaps and bounds. Tata Sky, Reliance Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital TV, etc are some of the leading brands providing this service in India. One of the biggest advantage of DTH is the better picture and sound quality – it is a heaven for people who take entertainment seriously.

While looking for a good DTH recharge package, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is search for the package and the add-on combinations that contains the channels you are interested in. Once you have decided that, then compare what this channel combination will cost you in terms of different service providers. Additionally, consider recharging online for extra benefits. However, to get started, you first need to figure out what channels you want to see.

To select the best service provider, compare the costs that these service providers are offering. So far, among all the DTH service providers, SUN DTH offers one of the most affordable plans. This is followed by Big TV, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV and finally, Tata Sky. Services that come under the higher price bracket include Tata Sky and Dish TV.

To select the best recharge plan, you must carefully study the price these DTH service providers are offering. This includes the cost of dish and installation charges and STB set box. Along with the channels and various packages offered, you should also consider the various other interactive services that they provide. Additionally, the picture quality should also adhere to what was promised. Tata Sky and Dish TV have MPEG2 technology. However, on the other hand, Airtel Digital TV, Videocon D2H and Reliance Big TV employ MPEG4 technology. Needless to say, the audio and video quality of MPEG4 is far superior than MPEG2.

One of the most important things to consider are the channels you want to see and the quality of service you are expecting. Good customer service should also be a factor when considering a DTH service provider. Price is not the only factor you should consider. Research about the monthly packages and the number of channels offered in that package. Do a thorough cost analysis of all the service providers.

Based on these factors you should narrow down the DTH service providers that offer these services at the most affordable prices.

Source by Jeet Shetty