Top 5 New Opportunities With Satellite TV

For half a century television has been a fixture of American homes. It has become so common and so taken for granted that we all too often fail to appreciate it for the fantastical innovation that it is. It has changed the face of the world, spurring global connectedness and providing a flow of programming that never stops for even one second. With more and more variety in programs, and better and better technology available, TVs can be used in many ways that may never occur to the average viewer.

First, think about what kind of TV watcher you are. Do you have it habitually on for background noise? Do you tune in to weekly sit-coms or dramas? Do you mainly use it for watching sports? Whatever your answer, you should realize that it has so much more to offer. Consider these 5 ways in which your satellite television could be better used:

Music – Using your satellite TV more doesn’t have to involve watching it more, instead use it as your main music system. With songs of every genre playing at all hours of the day, there will always be something you are itching to listen to. Put that ritzy sound system to good use and rock out.

Language Skills – Have you forgotten most of the Spanish you learned in high school? Watching television is one of the best ways to tune your skills. Find a telenovela, a news show, or some other program that will keep you so riveted you won’t want to miss a word, and your skills are sure to improve in no time at all. Depending on your satellite TV package, you are likely to also be able to find shows in French, German, maybe even Hindi, Urdu, or Arabic. Use your TV as a tutor and bone up on your foreign language abilities.

Family Time – You should carefully monitor what your children watch and limit the time they spend in front of the TV each day, but that doesn’t have to mean total deprivation. Watching a regular program or setting aside time for a weekly movie can be a great way to gather your busy family all in one place to enjoy quality time together. You can regale your kids with stories about how you didn’t have high definition when you were little.

NFL Sunday Ticket – If you are a die-hard football fan, don’t settle for watching just whatever game happens to be broadcast on any given Sunday, instead take advantage of the ingenious NFL Sunday Ticket package deal, which allows access to just about any game outside your local media market. Be a better, and a better-informed, fan.

Cooking – While the Iron Chef can’t be beat for culinary entertainment, you aren’t likely to learn many usable techniques from watching the masters at work. However, there are many excellent cooking shows that will provide you with some genuine kitchen inspiration and expertise. Spice up your TV watching as well as your meals!

These are just a few ideas for how to make your TV work as a more positive force in your life. With a little creativity, I’m sure you will think up many more!

Source by Whitney Alen