Watch All Your Favorite Shows on Satellite TV

Satellite TV is great for everyone who enjoys watching television for the breadth of shows that are always on. There are sitcoms, movies, reality TV shows, sports and more. One of the most popular shows that is on regular network television these days is a show called How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother is set in New York City and is about five friends and all of their peculiar corks and relationships. The story is told in first person by one of the friends, Ted who is a professor of architecture. He lives with his two best friends from college Lilly and Marshal, who are recently married. Lilly is a school teacher, but also an aspiring artist and Marshal recently graduated from law school with the dream of becoming an environmental lawyer who fights big business, but constantly finds himself struggling with offers to work for the big business enemy. Their other friend, Ted’s ex-girlfriend, is named Robin. Robin is from Canada and is one of the local news anchors in New York. Their fifth friend, Barney, is constantly on the prowl for women and is never satisfied with the ones he ends up with since it is always more about the chase for him.

The reason the story is told from the perspective of Ted is because its about the search for his current wife. The episode always starts or ends with his kids on the couch watching the episode that the viewer also watches. There are some humorous twists surrounding this such as sex scenes or illicit drug use scenes are substituted for something much more politically correct like, “eating sandwiches” or “listening to music”. Since the show isn’t over yet, we still haven’t met the woman he is going to marry, or if we have we don’t know that yet. Things always hint at who she is though. For instance, he dates her roommate who was played by the OC’s Rachel Bilson and in another episode we see her from above but all we see is a yellow umbrella from above.

A lot of the plotline surrounding Barney has to do with his womanly conquests as he is constantly looking to add to his abundant roster. One day it’s the hard to get bartender, one day it’s the girl at the coffee shop, the next a bank teller. The viewer can’t even keep up! Despite his womanizing ways and laughable tactics, one cant help but root for Barney. Barney is played by the hilarious Neil Patrick Harris who recently hosted the Emmy’s and has been nominated for several awards for his portrayal of Barney on How I Met Your Mother. The show has been on for six seasons, so before you watch an episode be sure to check your satellite TV listings to make sure you catch them in order. It isn’t a big deal if you don’t, but since the luxury is available with satellite TV service you may as well.

Source by John R. Harrison