What Do Girls Really Want?

What do girls want? If you ask them directly, they’ll say things like a stable job, good sense of humor, tall, over six feet, loves to cook, enjoys changing diapers, doesn’t mind if she gains a few hundred pounds.

The problem with asking girls what they want, is they (and guys too) suddenly slip into magical fantasy land, where they figure as long as they are creating their ideal man, they may as well go for broke.

The truth is that what women respond to is often times much different than what they think they want.

This is because our desires, especially when it comes to sex and relationships, are driven by deep and ancient desires that were programmed into our DNA long before we stumbled across things like agriculture, frozen pizzas and fantastic articles like the one you’re reading now.

Think about this. You sit down with a diet book. You read through it and have a logical understanding about what foods are good for you. Somebody asks you to construct the perfect diet. You spit out a whole list of proper fats, fiber rich carbs, and good protein filled with Omega-3’s.

But what happens when you walk by a burger shop that’s pumping out that wonderful smell? You ditch your logical choices and automatically chow down, like the caveman you really are.

Girls are the same way. Sure, they’ve got this logical laundry list, but they can’t help but respond to pure alpha attraction just like you can’t help respond to that Double-Double.

So, what is pure alpha attraction? Simple. You’ve got a huge priority in your life, and it’s not her.

Sure, you like girls. You like talking to girls. You like being with girls, and you certainly like having sex with girls. In fact, if you met the right girl, the one who would support you in your quest for wealth, or whatever else it is you want to create in your life, you wouldn’t have a problem hitching yourself to her for life.

But one thing you’ll never do is tell her, or show her, or make her think that she is the most important thing in your life. Sure, maybe later on, after you’ve built up a family, she will become the most important thing in your life.

But never, ever in the beginning of your relationship should you feel this way. You’ve got a vision, a life you are creating. Make it her job to convince her otherwise. And let her know it’s going to take a while.

Like a whole life time.

Source by George Hutton